WhatsApp experiments with Meta AI, an official chatbot that will revolutionize messaging

Meta, mother company of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, is already in the testing phase of Meta AI, its own tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that promises to become the ChatGPT’s main competition.

For now, it is only available in closed beta versions within WhatsApp, the information database with which it operates is updated until December 31 of last year. However, some test users report that the bot has given good results and is even capable of generating images using prompts similar to Bing Image Creator or Midjourney.

Meta AI has been integrated into the app instant messaging in the form of a floating button that can be activated at any time to open a conversation new one in which the user makes his requests. It is expected that the bot be also released as a standalone mobile application on iOS and Android.

He chatbot Meta AI is Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to ChatGPT

Meta’s AI virtual assistant is capable of suggesting travel plans in a group chat. The company also announced a series of chatbots inspired by celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton.

Currently, the Android-exclusive beta version has reached its concurrent user limit. At the moment there is no confirmed launch date, but it is expected to happen at the end of 2023. Those who have edition will also be able to use this new function.

According to information revealed by Meta last summer, the AI ​​virtual assistant within the instant messaging platform will be able help user plan trips in a group chatanswer simple queries on a large number of topics, moderate discussions within a group and engage in conversations through a series of chatbots inspired by celebrities like Paris Hilton or Tom Brady.

These avatars will have a watermark to avoid confusing them with recordings of their real counterparts. Their answers were developed using Llama 2, an open source language model that was trained with 40% more information than its predecessor. Each personality will have a specialization. Rapper Snoop Dogg will talk about fantasy stories, while tennis player Naomi Osaka will discuss topics related to Japanese animation.

YouTube will integrate a chatbot of artificial intelligence, what is it for?

The YouTube chatbot will offer answers to questions that users ask about a video.

The WABetaInfo portal, known for its accurate reports and leaks regarding WhatsApp, shared a screenshot in which it is possible to see the specialized button that activates chats powered by AI. Pressing it opens a new conversation without the need to browse the contact list. This will facilitate immediate use of the chatbot.

Screenshot of the beta that includes the Meta AI button in WhatsApp.

Screenshot of the beta that includes the Meta AI button in WhatsApp.Credit WABetaInfo

Meta AI is one more example of how the giants of the world of consumer technology plan to integrate Artificial Intelligence tools. This is joined by the popular ChatGPT language model, Elon Musk’s Grok, Amazon’s Olympus and Copilot, the bot created by Microsoft previously called Bing Chat and whose use is free.

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