Cubana de Aviación suspends its flights to Argentina and the Minrex points to the embargo

Cubana de Aviación suspends its flights to Argentina and the Minrex points to the embargo
Cubana de Aviación suspends its flights to Argentina and the Minrex points to the embargo

Cubana de Aviación, the island’s flag airline, suspended its flights to Argentina due to the impossibility of having access to fuel for its aircraft in the South American country.

This was confirmed this Tuesday by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), which pointed out the responsibility of the United States embargo/blockade in what happened.

In a statement published on its website, the Cuban Foreign Ministry reported that last March the company Yacimientos Petrolificadores Fiscales SA of Argentina (YPF) informed Cubana de Aviación “of its refusal to continue supplying fuel to its aircraft.”

The Minrex described YPF’s measure as “arbitrary” and assured that it is “an obvious demonstration”, not only of the validity of the application of the embargo, “but of its extraterritorial nature, in addition to the fact that it contravenes the rules of international trade. ”.

“As a result, Cubana de Aviación has been forced to suspend regular flights between Cuba and Argentina, which had been maintained for 39 years,” the statement states.

According to the note, the island’s airline “looked for countless alternatives to maintain the operations that were already planned” and not affect passengers, but, despite the efforts made, “it did not receive a satisfactory response that would ensure the sale of fuel”.

“It is contradictory that freedom is proclaimed at all costs while the freedom of a company that rigorously complies with the regulatory provisions of Argentina and the International Civil Aviation Organization is limited,” argued the Minrex.

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The Foreign Ministry alleged that YPF’s decision, which even harms passengers with tickets on the Havana-Buenos Aires route, represents a breach of the contract between the oil company and Cubana de Aviación, in addition to a violation of Argentine laws themselves.

“By complying with the US blockade against Cuba, YPF flagrantly violates its national legislation,” points out the note that cites an Argentine law according to which “foreign laws that seek to generate extraterritorial effects through the imposition will be absolutely inapplicable and devoid of legal effects.” of economic blockade, the limitation of investments in a certain country, or the restriction on the circulation of people, goods, services or capital.”

The Minrex explained that Cuban aviation has been “hard hit over the years” by US sanctions, which have generated “million-dollar losses” for different reasons, including “the closure of bank accounts and commercial operations, and the inability to access loans from international banks to maintain and repair their fleet.”

“All these effects have been aggravated as a result of the arbitrary and unfounded inclusion of Cuba on the United States list of countries that supposedly sponsor terrorism,” he added.

In closing, the statement assures that “Cuba will continue to denounce cases of extraterritorial application of the blockade and demand the end of this illegal policy, which constitutes a flagrant violation of International Law and attracts the overwhelming rejection of the international community.”

Cubana de Aviación without fuel supplier to fly to Argentina

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On April 24, the Cuban state airline announced the temporary cancellation of flights between Havana and Buenos Aires both on that date and the day before, alleging the refusal to serve fuel from supplier companies in the South American country.

Cubana de Aviación then assured that the companies invoked “provisions of the United States blockade measures against Cuba” to not supply fuel to their aircraft.

The airline resumed its connection between Havana and Buenos Aires in May 2023 after the stoppage forced by covid-19. It also restarted flights from Argentina with a stop in the tourist destination of Cayo Coco and final destination in Havana with a rented aircraft, he notes. EFE.

Between January and March 2024, the number of Argentine travelers to Cuba increased by 44% compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 12,753 people, according to the Spanish media, which highlights that what happened now is “the first encounter” of La Havana with the Government of Javier Milei, who has not hidden his opposition to the island’s authorities.

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