tickets will cost up to $30,000

tickets will cost up to $30,000
tickets will cost up to $30,000

He new setting It will impact different percentages on metropolitan and long-distance flights, which will be the most affected. Also, upcoming increases are expected in other methods of mobility in the City of Buenos Aires: the Buenos Aires subway will suffer a initial rise of 359% on May 15and will have two other increases during June.

He increase in trains It was delayed due to the mandatory citizen consultation that any fare adjustment for public transportation must go through. It is important to keep in mind that the value of the ticket will be modified, not only by the distances but also depending on whether or not you have the registered SUBE card. In the second case, The ticket will cost even more.

Increase the train: how much will the ticket cost

To travel in the Sarmiento, Roca, Mitre, San Martín, Sur, Belgrano Norte, Urquiza and Tren de la Costa linespassengers who have the registered SUBE card They must pay $200 for section 1 (which are short distances, up to 12 kilometers), $260 for section 2 (12 to 24 km) and $320 for section 3 (more than 24 km).

Those who do not have a nominalized card must pay $400 (Section 1), $520 (Section 2) and $640 (Section 3). The new increase is added to the 250% increase that was applied in February.

long distance trains

Service trains to Mar del Plata, which is the one with the most frequencies and demand, will jump from $6,680 to $30,112, which will add up to a 350% increase. He ticket to Pinamar will cost $25,244. Other routes, such as Retiro-Tucumán, will cost $21,042; to $19,667 already Rosary $11,414.

Subway: how much will it cost in May

In the case of the subways, the Buenos Aires Government maintains that the technical rate, which reflects the real cost of operating the service and is obtained from the quotient between costs and the number of paid passengers, is $859.07. The difference between what passengers pay and the cost of each user is obtained from the state subsidy.

That’s why, The subway will begin to cost $574 in the week of May 15. As expected, the second tranche of the increase will become effective fifteen days after the first.

subway line d 2.jpg

The subway increases in May.


The rate will go to $667, 443.6% more than now and 16% more than in May. And in the second half of JuneFinally, with each ticket at $757, the jump will add another $90, making the cost 505% more expensive than now and 13% more than in the second section of the increase.


As for buses, the Government postponed the increase planned for April, which should take the minimum ticket from $270 to around $400, according to the Inflation index.

After a threat of unemployment Last week, it was agreed payment of two fixed sums non-remunerative payments of $250,000 in May and June. However, there is still no agreement between the chambers that encompass bus companies, drivers and the Government.

The cameras demand increase in rates to meet operating costs, among them, the salaries of workers. According to what they indicate, between the current price of the ticket and the subsidies they receive, they pay around half of the real value of each trip, which they estimate is almost $1,200.

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