who will be able to pay half and how to process the benefit

Traveling on the trains of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) from this Monday, May 6, is more expensive. Service rates, which had risen sharply in February, had a new increase relevant for the pocket: 54% more in all the branches operated by the Trenes Argentinos company. The minimum now costs $200.

However, many users belonging to vulnerable sectors will be able to pay less than half than the new published values. It is because they will keep in force the Social Rate.

This subsidy, which is validated by ANSES and is applied through the SUBE card, it consists of a automatic 55% discount in all the tickets paid by the beneficiary, both for trains, buses and the subway.

The Social Rate, in addition, is cumulative with Red SUBEthe discounts of 50% to 75% that are obtained by making connections between means of transport.

Below, in a detailed guide, who can access to the Social Rate, what are the requirementshow is he Procedure to activate it and how much it will now cost beneficiaries to travel by train.


The Ministry of Transportation of the Nation published the new values ​​for railway services.

Train increase: how much does the ticket cost from May 6 and what is its value with the Social Rate

This Monday, May 6, tickets increased by 53.8% on the most used AMBA lines: Sarmiento, Roca, Mitre, San Martín, Belgrano Sur, Belgrano Norte, Urquiza and Tren de la Costa.

Consequently the minimum passage that was paid $130, applicable to trips of up to 12 kilometers, now costs $200 for those who have a registered SUBE card.

For distances intermediate -from 12 to 24 kilometers- the common rate is $260 (instead of $169). And the value for the most journeys long went from $208 to $320.

It is important to remember that when paying with a SUBE not registered the costs they doubleand that paying in cash a single rate of $640.

For the beneficiaries of the Social Rateon the other hand, the discount will make the ticket minimum be of $90 (55% less than $200), the intermediate $117 (instead of $260) and the major $144 (instead of $320).

Likewise, if no new changes are announced for the collectivesthe Social Rate will allow you to continue paying in May for tickets between $121.50 and $166.58instead of the $270 to $370 that common users pay.

SUBE Social Rate Requirements: who can access the 55% discount on train, bus and subway tickets

They have the right to receive the benefit of Social Rate on your card GOES UP the following groups:

  • Retirees and pensioners.
  • Domestic work staff.
  • Social monotributists.
  • Veterans of the Falklands War.

The 55% discount also applies to beneficiaries of:

  • Non-contributory pensions.
  • Universal Child Allowance.
  • Pregnancy Allowance.
  • Unemployment benefit.
  • Promote Equality.
  • Progress.
  • Enhance Work.
  • Young People with More and Better Jobs.
  • Training and Employment Insurance.

SUBE Card: how the Social Rate for public transport is processed, step by step

The procedure to activate the Social Rate is done by Once (does not require periodic renewals). Although it can be done in person, the quickest way is to manage the subsidy 100% online.

The only thing you need is to have the number on hand. IDhe CUIL, a SUBE card and the ANSES Social Security Code. With all that, you must follow the following procedure:

Step 1. Enter My ANSES with the CUIL and your personal password.

How the SUBE PIN is generated on the ANSES website. Image: Capture.

Step 2. Search the main menu for the section “Programs and benefits” and there the option of “Generate PIN UP”.

Step 3. Write down the generated PIN. It’s about a 6 digit code.

The PIN is created instantly and is ready to use. Image: Capture.

Step 4. Link the PIN to the SUBE card, which is done creating an account on the SUBE website (from here) or logging in (from here) if you already had one. It can also be done in the SUBE App.

Step 5. Once the PIN has been loaded, all that remains is to activate the Social Rate supporting SUBE in an Automatic Terminal or on a cell phone with the SUBE App.

Those who prefer to process the Social Rate in an in person They will have to approach a SUBE Service Center or to an ANSES office with the card and ID.

Once the management is completed, the benefit is now active. “It is not necessary to present any documentation when you travel. The discount will be made automatically with your SUBE”, the authorities clarify.

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