the magic of Botta, the deployment of Ortegoza and goals in all lines

the magic of Botta, the deployment of Ortegoza and goals in all lines
the magic of Botta, the deployment of Ortegoza and goals in all lines

Talleres beat Barcelona of Ecuador 3-1, for the fourth date of Group B of the Copa Libertadores. The team led by Walter Ribonetto remains at the top and it is almost a fact that it will qualify for the round of 16 of this competition.

Next, the individual analysis of what was done by the players of the Jardín neighborhood team in the Albiazul victory in the match played at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium.

The 1×1 of Workshops

HERRERA. Good cover for Rojas in the first half. Nothing to do in the rival discount.

BENAVÍDEZ. From smallest to largest. He had a chance to convert, but deflected his shot.

CATALAN. He scored the goal that opened the game and that gave him important support. With the partial 2-1 he had more work.

SUAREZ. He played as a surprise due to Mantilla’s injury. Expeditious. He had to endure Fydriszewski in the second half. Good return.

NAVARRESE. Good until he started losing one-on-one with Preciado. In those minutes he was on the verge of expulsion and it coincided with Barcelona’s stoppage time.

ORTEGOZA. Another good performance and key to 2-0. He was left alone when Portillo melted and until Portilla entered. Those moments were taken advantage of by Damián Díaz.

M. PORTILLO. Vital, but he got tired. Corner at 1-0; barbaric finish in Botta’s 2-0. Two assists and all recoveries. Then he lost precision and got tired. Workshops suffered them.

BOTTA. He appeared in the game after 10 minutes and changed it. He scored a great goal and provided the same driving as always, except at the beginning of the ST.

RUIZ RODRIGUEZ. He had two chances, one of them was deflected by a defender. In the other he was able to assist Benavídez.

GIROTTI. He received little and was somewhat imprecise, but he had a great display. He went out to the ends to create spaces for the midfielders to arrive.

BLAND. He had the first two, but he resolved them poorly. Still, she always worried.

PORTHOLE. He came in to contain and complied.

GALARZA. He joined Botta as a partner. He could have done more.

BARTICCIOTTO. He came back after his third tear. He came on in the final 10 minutes.

BOU. He also entered at the end. He gave him peace of mind by scoring his first goal in Talleres.

The positions in the Copa Libertadores

The results in the Copa Libertadores

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