“I’m not stopping”, the forceful message from Javier Milei within hours of the CGT strike

“I’m not stopping”, the forceful message from Javier Milei within hours of the CGT strike
“I’m not stopping”, the forceful message from Javier Milei within hours of the CGT strike

President Javier Milei made a strong post against the general strike called for this Thursday by the CGT. “I don’t stop”, says the inscription that the president raised in an intervened photograph that he published on his Instagram account.

A few hours before the start of the CGT general strike, after 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday, Milei published the photograph in which he is seen holding a blue T-shirt, with the phrase “I do not stop” on the number.

In reality, it is an image doctored by the account “Consistency please”, of militancy in favor of the libertarian government. The original photo was taken on Monday in Los Angeles, when the President met with the head of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, during the head of state’s last official tour. On that occasion, Infantino gave him the German brand’s shirt with the number 10 and the surname Milei.

In his publication this Wednesday, the President closed the message with his distinctive phrase: “Long live fucking freedom.”

Javier Milei showed a t-shirt against the CGT strike

Already at noon the Government had taken a position against the CGT strike. He did so by announcing that he will deduct the day from state employees who adhere to Thursday’s force measure.

“The strike has no apparent reason. Line 134 remains open to report extortion. State employees who stop will have their wages for the day deducted. The organizations that participate in the march must face the expenses that the situation causes,” he said. the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni.

This Thursday will be the second strike of the CGT against the Milei Government, after the one carried out on Wednesday, January 24, in rejection of the Omnibus Law and the mega-DNU.

From the union sector and during the days before the second general strike begins in the 5 months that La Libertad Avanza has been in the Casa Rosada, they predicted that “it will be a forceful strike.”

“Everything is going to be paralyzed because the measure not only expresses the demands of union organizations and workers, but also of all sectors of civil society that feel mistreated by the Government,” Gerardo Martínez, the head of the UOCRA.

For his part, Héctor Daer, head of Health and member of the leadership triumvirate, stressed that “it is going to be a disaster” because it will express social rejection of the Government’s intention to “consolidate a historic change towards a model of inequality, without justice without union organization and without collective agreements,” he accused.

The measure of force, in addition to having political repercussions, also has them on economic activity and this consequence was measured by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), in relation to air traffic.

The report maintains that the national economy will lose US$62 million in tourist spending due to the cancellation of at least 700 confirmed flights for the day, with 90,000 passengers affected.

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