El Pedrito from “Los Papaloteros” four decades later

El Pedrito from “Los Papaloteros” four decades later
El Pedrito from “Los Papaloteros” four decades later

Four decades have passed since Xavier Mili will play Pedrito in the Cuban adventures “Los Papaloteros”a character that would mark his life and also the childhood of thousands of children who grew up enjoying this drama.

In Miami, where he has lived since 2006, he has developed his artistic career between his two great passions: acting and music. So much so that he defines himself on his social networks as a singer, actor and composer.

He recently acted in one of the chapters of the series Up to you by PRONYR TVbut first let’s take a look at the career of this artist.

Courtesy / PRONYR TV

“Los Papaloteros”: A series not to forget

Broadcast in the 80s and with several subsequent rebroadcasts, “Los Papaloteros” is one of the best-known and most popular adventures on Cuban television. The story, set in 1958 during the time of Fulgencio Batista in power, continues the friendship between Juanito “Caimancito” (Ariel Fundora), Pedrito (Xavier Mili) and Cutú Cutú (Etiane Alfonso) which was initially its counterpart. The three children sold kites to earn a living, but they ended up getting involved in the clandestine fight that was taking place in those years against tyranny.

Impossible for many Cubans to forget that Pedrito to whom handsomeness and bravery ran through his veins and far exceeded his size, with an extremely noble heart and capable of anything for his friends.

After rising to fame in Cuba with this character, Xavier Mili studied percussion and had several roles in theater, children’s programs such as “Dandovueltas” and “Pocholo y su Gang,” and in the soap opera “Pasión y Prejudice” until In the 90s he decided to emigrate to Europe to join his family and with the idea of ​​developing his career in music.

Career in Miami: Between acting and music

In 2006, Xavier settled permanently in the United States. and initially he had the opportunity to continue working in acting with characters for Telemundo soap operas such as “El Rostro de la Venganza” and “Una Maid en Manhattan”.

However, It has been in music where he has achieved the most success with the group Tiempo Librean Afro-Caribbean music group that mixes jazz and Latin rhythms, with which he has been nominated three times for the Grammy Awards, two for Best Tropical Latin Album and one for Best Salsa / Merengue Album.

In Miami, Mili has also formed a beautiful family with her partner and her children, two boys with a great resemblance to her father and who remember Pedrito from “Los Papaloteros.”

PRONYR TV: An opportunity to return to acting

Just a week ago PRONYR TV premiered “The boss gets upset”, the third episode of the interactive series Up to youin which Xavier Mili participates.

In this episode the actor plays Viticothe typical employee of a company who is aware of everything, trying to win the favors of the boss and who occasionally screws up along the way, as they say in good Cuban.

Courtesy / PRONYR TV

However, Vitico is very lucky and will become his boss’s right arm to reveal the secrets of other workers, one of them Ignacio, played by Ebblis Mai Valdivia (El Boni).

Without a doubt, this episode is the perfect opportunity to see Xavier Mili on stage again, you just have to subscribe to the PRONYR TV platform and prepare to enjoy excellent series with the best Cuban talent.

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