In the midst of the versions of changes of ministers, Javier Milei travels to Córdoba with “all” his Cabinet

In the middle of the versions of changes in the Cabinet which he himself fueled, President Javier Milei will land in Córdoba this Saturday at 1 pm with all his ministers to celebrate the 214 years of the May Revolution. The echo of Frustrated May Pact that the head of state intended to sign with the governors will be mixed with the tension of unions mobilized in the province where the President obtained the most votes in the November runoff.

The Chief of Staff Nicolas Posse -frosted from the most important offices of Casa Rosada – plans to travel to the capital of Córdoba, as confirmed by his closest collaborators. The absence of the coordinating minister in the Wednesday’s presidential show at Luna Park It revealed the declining actions of until recently the strongest man in the Government. In the presidential environment, however, they question the assistance of the coordinating minister.

The Minister of Justice Mariano Cúneo Libarona He also suffers friendly fire and his permanence in office is more than a mystery. It was never Milei’s first choice for a Sensitive Wallet. “We don’t get caught up in rumors. We have our minds set on the implementation (of the adversarial regime), on the sending of specifications to fill vacancies, on the drafting of laws,” the Ministry of Justice points out.

Córdoba Preparations and security measures in the Córdoba Town Hall for President Javier Milei’s act next Saturday, May 25 after the cancellation of the May Pact. Photo Juano Tesone – FTP CLARIN JUA05956.JPG Z JTesone

In Deputies, meanwhile, the versions spread like wildfire – especially in the Kirchnerist bench – that the former Minister of Education of Mauricio Macri, Alejandro Finocchiarocould replace the area secretary Carlos Torrendell, observed by the national strikes of the teaching unions and the crisis with the universities. No one from the Government has communicated so far with the Macrista deputy.

Presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni suggested that the advisor Federico Sturzenegger -architect of the Mega DNU and the core of the Bases law- could occupy a more important position on paper. “He has a lot to give. So it is reasonable that the President wants to incorporate him into his Cabinet. Of course, it has not yet been defined what position he will occupy,” said the presidential spokesperson at a press conference. The former president of the Central Bank will also participate in the Mileist Open Town Hall.

Names like Finocchiaro in Education clash with the directive line that is repeated in La Rosada and which states that the eventual names that join the Government must be consubstantiated with the libertarian cause. José Luis Espert is one of them. “The teacher,” as the President calls him, accompanied Milei on stage at Luna Park. He is another name that is being talked about to join the Cabinet and will also travel with the president to Córdoba.

The head of state – who lets his discomfort with some of his ministers transcend – endorsed the versions of more changes in the Cabinet. “Our first management milestone would end with the outcome of the Bases Law. It can turn out well or it can turn out not. This situation is going to lead to the fact that, once that milestone has been marked, we have to do a complete evaluation of the results. The entire Cabinet is under analysis. Not Posse alone, all the ministers remain under analysis,” he said in statements to La Nación +.

Milei will choose which ministers will share with him the plane that will take him to Córdoba. Vice President Victoria Villarruel, who by protocol cannot share the same aircraft with the president, will travel on an Air Force plane along with another group of ministers.

Córdoba will be the third district that the president visits since his inauguration six months ago. Like its stops in Bahía Blanca, Corrientes and Tierra del Fuego, the excursion will be fleeting and you will return after finishing the event. The content of the President’s speech is also an enigma. The celebration of the national day will be mixed with the diplomatic crisis with Spain and the frustrated May Pact.

Gabriel Bornoroni in the vicinity of the Cabildo. Photo Juano Tesone

The head of the LLA Deputies block, Gabriel Bornoroni It was seen in Plaza San Martín, where municipal workers and technicians continued testing the technique and celebrated the President’s visit. “We are very happy that you have decided to celebrate in Córdoba. It is important for the people of Córdoba and also for the Argentines to show federalism. There is no May Pact, because there is no basic law yet and it will be deferred,” said the legislator in charge of the libertarian army in the province, at the request of Karina Milei.

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