Young Chilean woman is murdered by a Romanian with an ax in Austria

Young Chilean woman is murdered by a Romanian with an ax in Austria
Young Chilean woman is murdered by a Romanian with an ax in Austria

A young Chilean woman was brutally murdered in Austria after being attacked with an ax by her roommate.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night in the Floridsdorf district, in Vienna. According to local media such as ORF Wien, shortly before the crime, the 22-year-old woman had asked two co-workers for help because she was afraid of the aggressor’s behavior.

The aforementioned portal adds that the friends of the Chilean woman, identified as “Carla S” and resident in Austria, called the Police to alert about the subject, a 26-year-old Romanian.

According to ORF Wien, one of the victim’s colleagues could even see the attack since he was making a video call with the young woman at that moment.

Ax used by the aggressor |

Markus Dittrich, spokesman for the Austrian Police, pointed out that in the images the Romanian man can be seen entering the woman’s room to attack her with the axe.

After the call, two police officers quickly went to the place, where they found the perpetrator with a naked torso and with the gun in his hand. The subject had hit a window of a ground floor apartment as well as a parked car.

Upon seeing the officers, the man began to run towards them with a threatening attitude, attacking the police vehicle, which led one of the officers to shoot the individual. who finally died at the scene.

The Chilean woman’s body was later found in her apartment with serious injuries to her head. Although at the moment the reason for the attack is unknown, it is known that the Romanian had shown serious psychological problems.

From the Chilean community in Austria they called on people who knew the victim to contact them “to see how we can help their families if necessary.”

“On behalf of our Association, we express our condolences to his family and we will be attentive to the case,” they detailed.

The Foreign Ministry is aware of what happened, so there could be a statement soon.

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