The presentation that requested the archiving of the Government project was sunk

The plenary of The House of Representatives denied the presentation that asked to archive the pension reform bill of the government of President Gustavo Petro.

According to the criteria of

The decision was made on the night of this Thursday, June 13. There were 2 votes against the file and 93 in favor. The votes that made it possible for the reform to remain alive came from the Historical Pact, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, ‘the U’ and the Green Alliance, mainly.

This Thursday’s session in the Chamber, in which the pension reform was discussed.


Now, the paper that asks to start the debate will be voted on and, if it has enough votes, as planned, the discussion of the articles will begin.

The keys to the presentation that would be received by the Chamber

This text has as its axis the threshold of 2.3 minimum wages to contribute to Colpensiones, coming into effect in July 2025 and the creation of a fund to manage the resources, which would be chosen by the President of the Republic.

Gloria Inés Ramírez, Luis Fernando Velasco and Néstor Osuna in the pension debate in the plenary session of the Chamber

Photo:Nestor Gomez. TIME

Although the project has advanced, The official initiative has the calendar against it. If the project is not approved and reconciled on June 20 to be sent for presidential sanction, it will sink due to lack of processing.

For this reason, the Government has a plan B on the table, which is for the House of Representatives to accept the same text that was approved in the Senate plenary session. That would mean not having to advance conciliation.


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