Instagram | How to use the function to remove ghost followers

Instagram | How to use the function to remove ghost followers
Instagram | How to use the function to remove ghost followers

You can use the feature to remove ghost Instagram followers to maintain authenticity and improve engagement on your account. Ghost followers are accounts that are often bots, spam, or irrelevant and do not engage with your content, harming the visibility and reach of posts.

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The feature is available natively for any account with a thousand followers or more, in a field that appears when accessing the “Followers” ​​tab through the mobile application. Some profiles with a smaller number of followers may also have access to the feature.

How to remove ghost followers on Instagram

To remove ghost followers on Instagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Instagram and access your profile;
  2. Enter “Followers”;
  3. Tap “Marked for Review”;
  4. Check the followers marked by the platform;
  5. To remove all flags, tap “Delete All”;
  6. To delete individual accounts, tap “Delete” next to the account.

    The “Marked for Analysis” tool lists ghost followers on your Instagram account (Image: Screenshot/Guilherme Haas/Canaltech)

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When testing the tool using canaltechThe “Marked for analysis” section only appeared when accessing the platform through the cell phone, and not through the PC.

Be careful when removing ghost followers

Care should be taken when removing ghost followers on Instagram. The platform’s algorithm can make mistakes and mistakenly flag legitimate accounts as spam or bots. Therefore, carefully analyze the marked profiles before confirming the action.

In the list of analyzed profiles, you can also inform that an account should not be marked as “ghost”. To do this, tap the three-dot button next to the account and select “Not spam or irrelevant.”

Benefits of removing ghost followers

By removing ghost followers, Instagram’s algorithm can improve the delivery of your content to real, engaged followers. This happens because genuine interactions become more frequent and visible, which helps organic account growth.

Risks of using third-party applications

It is important to avoid using third-party applications to remove ghost followers. These apps can compromise the security of your account and violate Instagram guidelines, which may result in your profile being suspended or banned from the social network.

New followers from flagged accounts

In addition to the function to exclude ghosts on accounts with more than a thousand followers, Instagram also has a function to flag requests for possible bots and spam, an option that is available for all profiles regardless of the number of followers or whether the account is public or private.

To analyze requests from new followers marked as “ghost”, perform the following operation:

  1. Access your profile and go to “Followers”;
  2. Choose the “Marked” tab;
  3. Check the list of flagged requests;
  4. Tap “Delete All Requests” to delete everything;
  5. Choose “Delete” next to each request to delete it individually.

    Instagram also separates requests from possible bots and spam (Image: Screenshot/Guilherme Haas/Canaltech)

    Photo: Canaltech

If you do not approve flagged follower requests within 30 days, they will be automatically rejected.

See also how to delete Instagram followers even if they are not spam or “ghost”.

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