These are the foods that regulate blood sugar and prevent diabetes

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These are the foods that regulate blood sugar and prevent diabetes


A study published by the journal Fitomedicina Plus suggests that sulforaphane, a compound present in broccoli that gives them their distinctive aroma and bitterness, could play a role in helping control elevated levels of sugar in blood and insulin resistance.

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Being rich in fiber, they help against diabetes. Pumpkin reduces blood glucose levels, improves tolerance and increases the amount of insulin the body produces. Fiber helps keep insulin levels stable.



Walnuts are a healthy addition to the diet of people with diabetessince they are low in digestible carbohydrates and help reduce levels of sugar in the bloodinsulin and LDL.

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Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, say that daily consumption of lentils or beans can help people with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar levels and even reduce your risk of suffering a cardiovascular accident or a stroke.



One of the most notable attributes of the avocado is its low glycemic index. Since avocado has a low glycemic index, its consumption does not trigger significant spikes in blood glucose, making it a favorable option for those seeking to control blood sugar. diabetes.



The polyphenols, which are so abundant in raspberries, help maintain control of the sugar in blood It has been shown that insulin response is better in those who consume raspberries frequently.



The egg is a food of interest in the dietary management of diabetic patients and patients with metabolic syndrome (MS), since it is highly nutritious and can be used in subsistence allowance high protein, low in carbohydrates, which promote weight loss and improvement of metabolic alterations in these patients.

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Recycling egg carton and decorating your home.

Recycling egg carton and decorating your home.

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