Shock in polo: Adolfo Cambiaso’s boss suffered a hard fall and is fighting for his life

Shock in polo: Adolfo Cambiaso’s boss suffered a hard fall and is fighting for his life
Shock in polo: Adolfo Cambiaso’s boss suffered a hard fall and is fighting for his life

Bob Jornayvaz in Valiente, during the US Open

The polo world is shocked. It is that the American businessman Bob Jornayvazteam skipper Brave and companion of the international legend Adolfo Cambiasois in critical condition after suffer a heavy fall during the tournament US Open that takes place in the northern country. The accident occurred during the second chukka of the match between Brave and Dutta Corp in West Palm Beach, where the contest that corresponds to the last link of the Triple Crown of USA.

According to sources close to the quartet that made up the experienced polo player, Jornayvaz would have suffered an involuntary crash with his teammates, resulting in his fall and subsequent loss of consciousness. The businessman of 65 yearswas treated urgently at the scene and later transferred to a local clinic, where remains in a pharmacological coma, while studies are carried out to evaluate the severity of their injuries.

In the first medical report it was announced that the player arrived at the health entity with fractures in the clavicle and the sternum, in addition to various head traumas.

Braveone of the most powerful teams in world polo, was forced to suspend his participation in the championship due to the incident. Jornayvazknown for his passion for sports despite being a low player handicaphas been fundamental in the success of the franchise, which has won numerous titles both in USA.

The businessman, originally from San Antonio, He has built a successful career in various sectors, including mining, gas, real estate, cinematography and polo. In a recent interview, she had expressed his love for polo and horses, highlighting his association with Adolfo Cambiaso as a privilege. “That takes determination. And I get to play with Adolfito. I am blessed by this“, had been his words in dialogue with The nation. “I love the parenting process.. Sometimes we are with Adolfitowe sit and look at the horses we raised together…We watched with great passion. And we also played with great passion.”

With the best polo player in history as a partner, the Texan won, among other titles, the US Open of the 2015 season and the American Triple Crown Two years later, when he also had the pleasure of lifting the trophy of the Jockey Openone of the most traditional competitions in Argentinain a quartet formed with Cambiaso, Juan Martín Nero and Pablo MacDonough.

The health status of Jornayvaz continues to be a cause of concern for the polo community, while awaiting a new medical report on his recovery.

Native of Saint AnthonyJornayvaz settled in Denverwhere he built a business empire related to mining, gas, real estate market and cinema. It is one of the so-called Patterns polo and his bond with Adolfito is also based on the breeding of horses. He was always known for hiring the best performers on the planet to play in United States and Europe. Its organization is one of the best in the environment due to its infrastructure and expertise.

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