This is the maximum load

This is the maximum load
This is the maximum load

Before the second update package which will arrive between the great prizes of Great Britain and Hungary, Ferrari has already scheduled the debut of none other than three rear wings which will have to function according to the new aerodynamic appearance of the car introduced in Imola.

The first solution, maximum downforce, has been brought to the Monaco GP to ensure that your car has maximum downforce on a track where aerodynamic efficiency matters much less than vertical thrust.

The change is of great value considering that in the previous seven races Ferrari has always competed with the same version of the rear wing, while now a phase begins in which the Prancing Horse engineers will try to get the most out of it. your new settings.

The solution brought to Monaco is easily recognizable by a main profile characterized by a decidedly longer chord and a scoop much less pronounced than that observed up to Imola, while the mobile flap It is much shallower and still has a slightly modified DRS control system.

The presence of the lateral supports of the mobile flapwhich reduce aerodynamic resistance and follow a line of development that other teams had already successfully carried out.

It remains to be seen how this first version performs on the streets of Montecarlo in the hands of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, but it is quite evident that Ferrari now has much more potential to extract from the rear of his SF-24 Evo.

Ferrari SF-24 front wings

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

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