The formation of the Cacique to visit Deportes Iquique

The formation of the Cacique to visit Deportes Iquique
The formation of the Cacique to visit Deportes Iquique

The Cacique coach will stop a 4-4-2 as a tactical drawing in the Land of Champions to visit the Celestial Dragons.

By Patricio Echague

05/25/2024 – 09:26am CLT

© Photosport.Paiva will start this afternoon in the north.

Deportes Iquique and Colo Colo take to the field to play one of the good games on this date 14 of the 2024 National Championship. Both teams are at the top of the table, so a victory or a setback this Saturday could make a big difference in the fight for the title.

For this match Jorge Almirón will stop an almost stellar team. And the almost comes from the fact that Esteban Pavez presented physical discomfort that left him on the sidelines of this fight, being saved for the key match against Cerro Porteño in the middle of the week.

In addition, the Cacique coach will change his tactical drawing, stopping a 4-4-2 in the north, thus “sacrificing” Cristian Zavala and Marcos Bolados on the wings up front.

For his part, the Argentine will choose to populate the midfield quite a bit with Castellani, Vidal, Gil and Vicho Pizarro. In addition, Palacios and Paiva will share tasks on offense.

In this way, the Colo Colo formation will be with Brayan Cortés in goal; Óscar Opazo, Alan Saldivia, Maximiliano Falcón and Erick Wiemberg in defense; Gonzalo Castellani, Arturo Vidal, Leonardo Gil and Vicente Pizarro in the midfield; Guillermo Paiva and Carlos Palacios in front.

What time do Deportes Iquique vs Colo Colo play?

Light blue and white dragons will face each other today, Saturday, May 25, from 3:00 p.m. at the Tierra de Campeones Stadium. While those from the north come from drawing 2-2 against Cobreloa and are third with 24 points, Popular comes from beating Palestino 2-0 and is fifth with 23 points.

This is the position table for the 2024 National Championship

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