The doubts in the formation of Racing with Lanús

The doubts in the formation of Racing with Lanús
The doubts in the formation of Racing with Lanús

The formation of Racing with Lanús for an important match in the Professional League begins to be defined in the head of Gustavo Costas. In this case it is a special issue for the coach since many of the uncertainties he has are physical issues. It’s not by level at all. What he has to wait for is the evolution of several of his players about whom he still has no certainty. Time passes, the game is approaching and the training sessions are passing. However, many of these issues will begin to be defined this Tuesday, where there will be formal football. Anyone who is not in a position to train 100% that day will surely not be a starter.

According to what was confided to this portal from the coaching staff, The intention is that everyone is practically available. Let only Germán Conti be left out, who continues to recover from his injury. That is why there could be few variations in the Academy team in the last match of the semester in the Professional League. A key match to close the first part of the year in the best way and go on vacation on top. Knowing that what is coming in the second semester will be important and we will have to live up to it. That’s why the DT thinks about putting in the best he has. Of course, as long as they are in optimal physical condition and there is no type of injury problem or risk in the future.

The confirmed absence is that of Gabriel Arias, who went with Chile to play in the Copa América. In his place will be Facundo Cambeses, who will have revenge and wants to get rid of that thorn of the last two games in which he failed to live up to the task. In the last line there are no doubts and the three starters are available. Marco Di Césare returned before the Sub 23, Sosa is feeling well and so is Agustín García Basso, who is a strong supporter of the coach. In the middle there are more doubts. and also above. A lot can change thinking about this Racing formation for the match with Lanús.

Possible doubts in the Racing formation thinking about Lanús

If they are all in good condition, there are two doubts in those four that go in the middle in the 3-4-3. On the right, Facundo Mura is ready to return and could take the place of Gastón Martirena. In the middle, the coach must decide between Agustín Almendra or Baltasar Rodríguez. And it will depend on the type of game he wants to play. These two questions are tactical. Gabriel Rojas is a regular on the left and the other five depends on a physical issue. If Nardoni is good, he plays and if he doesn’t arrive, Zuculini will go. Nardoni was removed from the Sub 23 due to an overload and has not yet trained at the same level. That opens a question since, if he were to become part of the Academy team, it would be with one or two practices.

possible formation of Racing with Lanús Photo Prensa Racing

There are also questions above and it has to do with physical issues. Santiago Solari is better from his injury and would play as a winger. Maxi Salas would also be there. But we will have to wait to see what happens with Maravilla Martínez, who if healthy is a fixture in the Racing team with Lanús. This Monday he already made a couple of movements at the same time and hopes that this Tuesday it will be demanded. If he reacts well, he will go from the start to play. Otherwise his place will be taken by Roger.

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