Julio Barroso hits Quinteros for leaving Colo Colo

Julio Barroso hits Quinteros for leaving Colo Colo
Julio Barroso hits Quinteros for leaving Colo Colo

After Colo Colo defeated Universidad de Concepción in the promotion match and stayed in the first division, the mower arrived. The Blanco y Negro leadership informed several players, including those with the most experience, that they were not going to continue for the next season. One of them, Julio Barroso.

The Admiral received the communication despite the wishes of the coach at the time. Gustavo Quinteros publicly declared that he wanted the defender to remain at the club, although the wishes quickly faded. That is the official version, however, the former soccer player gave some details and questioned the real intention of the now Vélez Sarsfield coach.

In conversation with the program De Fútbol Se Habla Así on DSports, the former under-20 world champion with Argentina pointed out that “the conversation that was clear to me was that Gustavo had been asked, I don’t know if I should say cleaning, but a little to remove the greats of the squad. That was one of the objectives he had and he communicated it to me. Although he told me that he wanted me to stay”.

There, he remembered that, in “the first stage he did not play, Insaurralde did. I had to play the last 12 dates because Chaco got sick with Covid“I was not going to start in that game against Unión Española.”

Julio Barroso was honored by Colo Colo. | Image: Photosport.

Julio Barroso questions Gustavo Quinteros for his departure from Colo Colo

This is precisely what raises the former defender’s doubts. In the dialogue, he stated that “I imagine that changed the panorama a little, that he could say ‘this guy stood up for these 12 dates and now how do I change the opinion I had’.” I also open the door to not believing everything like a naive person. “I’m not naive.”

For this, Julio Barroso relied on the Bible and cited a passage from it to support his vision. As he relates, “There is a nice verse that says that the simple believe everything. And I don’t believe everything. Never and from no one. I try to listen to different opinions and draw conclusions. The deep reason for whether she fought or not is simply known to him. It is clear that later there were more factors that decided my departure.”

Barroso enjoys his retirement from football

For the footballer, life after retirement is difficult. They are years of always doing the same thing, of competing, of sharing a dressing room with various footballers and, for the same reason, you have to know how to handle it. And so the Admiral does. In fact, A few months ago, he spoke exclusively with DaleAlbo and said it was a good decision.

“After retirement, I feel enormous happiness, I can enjoy being with these great players. I’m really happy, I’m really enjoying it, I’m grateful for Jaime, for his invitation, for the moments we’ve shared in Colo Colo, I think he deserves all of this,” he said while participating in Jaime Valdés’ farewell. .

I still have the desire, but thank God it was a nice decision, today I really enjoy being with my family, I am very happy. When it’s my turn to play, I get the urge to compete, but I don’t want to abuse it, since I’m very happy,” he stressed.

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