Find out how the football festival will be experienced in the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga

Here we tell you the security measures that will be adopted for today and tomorrow, the recommendations to take into account when entering the Stadium and where there will be giant screens to watch the soccer final.

The authorities decreed a yellow hospital alert so that hospitals and clinics are alert to any eventuality. The rumba time was extended until 3:00 am for Saturday and Sunday, and the restriction on motorcycles at night was also lifted. Citizens are asked to be cautious. (Marco Valencia / VANGUARDIA).

This weekend there will be the most important football festival in the history of Bucaramanga and Santander, with the final between Atlético Bucaramanga and Santa Fe in which the ‘leopard’ team could achieve its first star. For this reason, the authorities of the metropolitan area and the department have adopted security measures for today and tomorrow in case the team is champion or not.

The measures have been prepared taking into account that several activities will be carried out: one, the Américo Montanini stadium (formerly Alfonso López) will be opened so that fans with a ticket can enter and watch the game on a giant screen; two, there will be giant screens in the four municipalities of the metropolitan area; and three, a reception for Atlético Bucaramanga is planned from the airport, Carrera 27 and stadium, where there will be a tribute, cultural events and decorations.


The Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police will have 2,950 men and women to guarantee the safety of those who are going to enjoy the football festival.

Some 800 uniformed personnel will be at the stadium and together with 400 logistics people from the sports club they will coordinate the admissions and activities for tomorrow and Sunday. The doors of the Américo Montanini stadium will open tomorrow at 3:00 pm, and on Sunday at 9:00 am

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Other uniformed personnel will be in each of the places where there will be giant screens and will carry out control tasks to prevent any adverse situation.

The National Army will also have around 180 men available to carry out control and support tasks in case of an emergency.

The Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police (Mebuc) will have 2,950 men and women to guarantee tranquility and security during Saturday and Sunday for the football festival.

Activities at the stadium

Tomorrow, people who have a ticket will enter the Américo Montanini Stadium, children under 5 years of age will not be able to access.

On Sunday, people who have the ticket will enter the tribute that has been prepared for the team members. There there will be musical presentations, recognitions and sharing with the players.

The screens will be in these places

The municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga will have giant screens with the match signal so that tomorrow everyone can enjoy the final.

In Bucaramanga they will be at: Américo Montanini Stadium, Kennedy neighborhood field, Los Colorados field, Los Niño Park, La Flora Stadium, Colegio Inem parking lot, Bucaramanga City Hall, Los Sueños Park and Miraflores Field – Morrorrico.

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In Floridablanca you can find them in: Parque Principal, Villabel – Soccer field, Cañaveral – Between CC La Florida and Jumbo, El Reposo-Next to the CAI, La Cumbre – Soccer field, La Paz – Soccer field.

In Girón they will be arranged on the Malecón Ciudadela Villamil and in the Plaza Puerto Madero; while in Piedecuesta there will be two in the main La Libertad park.

The authorities recommended that citizens arrive with enough time, have tolerance with other attendees, and avoid the consumption of alcoholic and psychoactive substances.

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