“He thinks he is superior and he is a failure, a coward” – En Cancha

“He thinks he is superior and he is a failure, a coward” – En Cancha
“He thinks he is superior and he is a failure, a coward” – En Cancha

June 16, 2024 at 9:22 p.m.

Union San Felipe is the absolute bottom of the First B with just four points in 15 games played in the first round, a situation that his former coach referred to German Cavalieriwho is currently in San Marcos de Arica.

The Argentine strategist regretted the club’s moment, but left a message for the club’s leadership. Uni-Uniaccusing that they called the other clubs so that they would not give him a job as a coach: “They continue to hire me even though they have called them not to hire me,” Cavalieri assured.

The dart thrown by the coach did not go unnoticed and there was a reply from the front of the team that looks with fear at the fall to Second division and this weekend he was out of Chile Cup by falling 1-0 against Melipilla.

From San Felipe they responded with everything to Cavalieri

The words of German Cavalieri They had an immediate reaction from the leadership of Union San Felipewhere the owner of the club, Raul Delgadofired with everything in words collected by First B Chile.

“He is hurt because we fired him. But since he is a coward he never dared to tell me. He turned around and did not respond,” Delgado began.

And it didn’t just stop at that, because the leader continued to speak out against German Cavalieriensuring that he was fired from the club for being a bad coach.

“We fired him for being the worst coach that ever passed through the club. Not only because he is incapable but also because of his pride and his ego. “He believes that he is superior to anyone and he is a failure,” the helmsman shot, without mincing words.

Finally, Raul Delgado He invited the Argentine coach to say things to his face next time. “If he has the guts, despite being much younger than me, I’ll wait wherever he says to see him face to face,” he concluded.

To continue in command of San Marcos de Arica For the second round, the Argentine coach must receive in the north of the country Union San Felipe for the last date of the tournament First Bwhich is scheduled for the third week of October.

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