Gallego Méndez will be the new coach

Gallego Méndez will be the new coach
Gallego Méndez will be the new coach

In those decisive hours, the Galician made appreciable differences because his presentation before the sports management of the red and black club went down very well. These meetings allowed him to climb several steps and place himself on the main step of preferences.

Although no official details were released from the club, Méndez would have a contractual relationship until December 2025. And it would be officially presented shortly since some minor details still need to be resolved. In the thick strokes, they found points of congruence.

Another of the features that favored the imminent Mendez’s designation is his strong personality. Especially considering how beaten up the red and black players are after a competitive first semester where everything went without respecting their initial goals.

The leadership was looking for a motivating coachand it seems that in the conclaves he showed that type of virtues and a predisposition to promote a rapid emotional response within a group that is in the doldrums.

Temperament and more

The Galician He is 46 years old and showed that quality in the meetings he had with the leprosy leadership. He is a guy with a great temperament and he did well in the last clubs where he was.

Last year he had a good tournament with Unión, before unexpectedly leaving for Vélez, which he saved from relegation and then resigned.

Méndez is Christian Bragarnik’s man, a heavyweight in Argentine soccer, and he was also a member of Maradona’s coaching staff at Gimnasia de La Plata and that milestone in his not-so-distant past also added attributes and craft to his experience.

From Newell’s see him as a young, growing coach, with a better present than most of those who reached the decision stage. That worked in his favor on the comparison platform.

And at this moment, the Parque club represents one of the most important challenges of his career as a coach.

If everything is formalized as it is progressing, Méndez could be made official in the next few hours.

Complete the roster

With the technical director chosen and the mystery cleared up, The intention of the leprous leadership is to work and put the main focus of energy on bringing reinforcements, since the team presents a state of situationwhere adjustments, new haranguing voices and new players are needed to increase the options that the Gallego will have within the task group.

Although everything navigates in an initial terrain of intentions, The red and black leadership would go after the services of a central marker, a midfielder with mixed characteristics who can fulfill defensive and offensive obligations, and a winger..

Afterwards, Méndez’s day-to-day life with his players will be crucial to see if more additions are needed. A new stage is coming at Newell’s.

Monday in Bella Vista

Although nothing is official at Newell’s yetEverything indicates that Sebastián Méndez will be in charge of the red and black team in the restart of training that is agreed for this Monday the 24th, at the Bella Vista property.

The players are licensed until thenand there the new coach will have the possibility of beginning to infuse his ideas and guidelines into this new stage that will have him as the head and main figure.

After the defeat against Instituto, the footballers They gave him some days off that will be finished this Monday.

It is worth remembering that Newell’s (like all Argentine soccer teams) will have the chance to work in a kind of mini preseason until the end of the Copa América, which is about to begin and will last until July 14.

It is also worth specifying that the transfer market is already open and that players can be negotiated until the end of August, so when the red-and-black leadership so decides, they can advance efforts and close the arrival of reinforcements.

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