Why Mbappé demands 100 million from PSG: non-payment of his salary and bonuses

Why Mbappé demands 100 million from PSG: non-payment of his salary and bonuses
Why Mbappé demands 100 million from PSG: non-payment of his salary and bonuses

Kylian Mbappe, during the Euro Cup. (Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters)

The Mbappé-PSG-Real Madrid soap opera has lasted so long that it is now impossible to remember all its plot twists. And just when it seemed like it was finally over, now that the french striker has finally formed for the Spanish club, news emerges again that show that the footballer’s relationship with his former team has ended like the rosary of dawn, with wounds that have not yet healed.

The main of these wounds is economic: Mbappé now demands 100 million euros from Paris Saint-Germain which, according to him, the club owes him for non-payment of his salary and various bonuses.

This conflict began – according to French and Spanish sports newspapers, which cite sources familiar with the situation – when Mbappé decided not to renew his contract with the Parisian team and look for a new destination, presumably with Real Madrid, as happened later. In this situation, PSG, chaired by the Qatari Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, launched a series of retaliations against the player, including withholding his salary and the bonuses agreed in his contract. According to the newspaper L’Equipethe club withheld two months of salary while waiting to close an agreement with the footballer to prevent him from leaving as a ‘free agent’, at the end of his contract.

“You cannot leave free and reinforce our biggest rival. All the great players, Bellingham, Kane, leave money to their club,” said Al-Khelaïfi. PSG claims that Mbappé had promised to collaborate to avoid this situation, but finally the player went ‘for free’ to Real Madrid. Since then, the player has harshly criticized the Qatari businessman: “They made me understand that he would not play for PSG, they told me to my face, they spoke to me violently. Luis Enrique and Luis Campos saved me. Without them I would not have stepped on the playing field again“, he claimed.

According to various sources, PSG owes Mbappé approximately 80 million euros in compensation. fidelity bonuses and other bonuses. These payments were planned as part of his renewed contract in 2022, where he was promised a significant salary increase and various bonuses. However, from February 2024the club has not made these payments, which has led the player to consider legal measures to claim what he is owed.

For its part, PSG denies that it is “revenge” against the forward and argues that the withheld sums are part of an effort to balance the club’s finances, especially in a context where the regulations of fair play financial of the UEFA They are becoming stricter.

Despite the controversy, sources indicate that the negotiations between the player and the club They remain open and that an agreement will probably be reached without the matter ending up in court. At the moment, the issue is on the lawyers’ table, and if it is resolved, Mbappé will receive at least part of those 100 million that he says he is owed.

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