Which is the Ecuadorian player who surpasses the entire Venezuelan team in value?

Which is the Ecuadorian player who surpasses the entire Venezuelan team in value?
Which is the Ecuadorian player who surpasses the entire Venezuelan team in value?


Ecuador fell 2-1 against Venezuela on the first date of the Copa América 2024. Those coached by Fernando Batista They gave the surprise at the opening of group B and they took the three points despite the great difference in value between their teams. The fact is that Moisés Caicedo, “La Tri” midfielder, exceeds the price of the entire Venezuelan squad according to data from Transfermarkt, the site specialized in soccer statistical data.

Although this is only an indicative figure that does not seek to set prices for footballers, the market values ​​established by Transfermarkt They are determined by a series of factors relating to the players. These include their ages, future prospects, performances on current teams, leagues in which they play and experience levels, among others. Aspects linked to their possible signings are also considered, such as salaries, transfer costs, termination clauses and duration of contracts, and other contextual issues associated with the situation of the selling and buying clubs.

Jhonder Cadiz celebrates his goal against Ecuador, which allowed Venezuela to win 2 to 1 (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)Godofredo A. Vásquez – AP

At the moment, Transfermarkt values ​​the Venezuelan squad at 67 million euros and his most valued player is Yangel Herrera, the Girona midfielder, with 25 million euros. Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian squad is valued at 226 million euros, but what is really striking is that Moisés Caicedo, its young star, not only has a value higher than that of the entire Venezuelan squad, but triples the figure of its most valuable footballer. with 75 million euros.

Moisés Caicedo was born in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, in 2001 and has demonstrated his passion for soccer since his childhood. At the age of 13 he started playing the lower divisions of Independiente del Valle, and debuted with the first team in 2019. His good performances with the black and blue team made several European clubs notice him, but the one who was truly sure that he would bring out his maximum potential was Graham Potter, the coach who took him to Brighton & Hove Albion.

The beginnings in the southern England team were not easy for Caicedo. The 2021/22 season had just started, and after only playing one EFL Cup match, he was sent on loan to Beerschot in Belgium for six months. However, upon returning to the club for the second half of the course, He was presented with the opportunity to earn the position after Jakub Moder’s injury. Thus, he obtained his first start on matchday 32 and did not let go of the “Las Gaviotas” midfield until the end of the league.

However, The season in which “El Niño Moi” exploded in football was 2022/23. Already consolidated in the starting team as a fundamental piece, and with Roberto De Zerbi in charge from the ninth round, he led Brighton in what was the team’s best classification in the history of the Premier League, finishing sixth and entering for the first time. once in the UEFA Europa League. On an individual level, Caicedo was chosen as the club’s best player by both his teammates and the fans.

After what was his best season so far, Chelsea spent around 140 million euros to sign the Santo Domingo native, setting the record for the most expensive sale in the history of English football. Caicedo joined the team days before the official competition began, so he had to go through a period of adaptation in “Los Blues”. Despite this, he managed to overcome his irregular start and ended up scoring the club’s best goal of the season with a shot from midfield on the last day of the league against Bournemouth.

Moisés Caicedo played all 90 minutes in the defeat against Venezuela for the Copa América 2024. However, as he demonstrated throughout his career, the 22-year-old footballer has experience turning things around and will seek to continue making his name bigger, so the Ecuadorian team has reasons not to lose hope.


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