“He wanted to play with U de Chile”: Campos’ dream at SAU

“He wanted to play with U de Chile”: Campos’ dream at SAU
“He wanted to play with U de Chile”: Campos’ dream at SAU

One who will experience a very special mourning in the Chile Cup 2024 is Christopher Campos. The goalkeeper of San Antonio Kingdom must face University of Chilefor the quarterfinals of the regional phase of the tournament.

The one trained in the blues left the club in the 2023 season, so it is expected that the reunion will mark his career and the affection with the fans who follow his career.

For the same reason, his team knows how much he wanted to be against the U again, although now it will be as a rival, where they have made jokes on him in the run-up to their big match.

“There are always jokes, apart from the fact that Johnny Herrera gives him a lot of progress. He is not wrong, because he is a great archer. Herrera said that it may be difficult for him to make the longest lap, but he is a national team player,” commented Ramón Fernández on TNT Sports.

Campitos will have a long-awaited reunion with the U.

Campitos wants to demonstrate before the U

The midfielder, who also had a stint at the University of Chile, assures that Cristóbal Campos’ appearance in San Antonio Unidos came at the right time, because he has been a tremendous contribution.

“He saved us a lot, we are on top because he saves well. We joke with him because there is also Nicolás Maturana, Roberto Cereceda and we all wanted to play with the U,” Fernández explained.

In that sense he makes a revelation from the SAU dressing room, where Campitos knew that if they went to La Calera they would collide with the U and that it was a great desire he had to demonstrate his good moment.

“I can say this, because he said it. He wanted to win the game against La Calera to play with the U, because he is very special,” Fernández concluded for his teammate in goal.

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