Helldivers 2 players get shot in the face if they combine the Plasma Punisher with the shield-generating backpack in a patch BUG

April 29, 2024 The world of Helldivers 2 made a little splash with the release of the patch 1,000,300. This long-awaited patch promised adjustments to the balance of weaponsbut what the players did not expect was an unexpected and dangerous change, since the SG-8P Plasma Punisher, one of the most outstanding weapons in the arsenal, was affected unexpectedly.

Now, Helldivers risk shooting themselves in the faceeven when they don’t want it.

Since last patchif you equip the Plasma Punisher while wearing the Sh-32 Shield Generator backpack, you will run the risk of shooting yourself in the face. This backpack creates a yellow shield around of your Helldiver, offering protection against enemy attacks, which normally, since you can shoot through this shield without any problem, however, if you shoot with the Plasma Punisher while the shield is activethe plasma projectile will reflect off the shield and will hit your Helldiver.

Normally your Helldiver Survive a shot with the Plasma Punisher on your shield, as long as you have not previously lost health points, however, Two consecutive shots will send your Helldiver to the beyond. Therefore, you should avoid this combination for the time being.

This event is reported in a Reddit thread, where the user Tulakale explains the situation accompanied by a video demonstrating it.


The Plasma Punishera variant of the standard Punisher that fires plasma projectiles, has been noted as an effective tool against robots, earning a coveted S rank in the list of featured weapons, similarly, the Shield Generator backpackwith its ability to deploy a vital yellow shield in times of chaos, has been classified with an S rank among the best teams. This complicates the situation, since the combination of both elements is very effective in fighting against robots and the not being able to use them togetherwill force the Helldivers to look for new strategies.

Possible cause of the problem

Some players in reddit They are already speculating about what could have caused the bug. One theory is that is related to a change that reflects your bullets when shooting at armored enemies, For example, if you shoot a Ravager’s body instead of its head, the bullet ricochets and hits your Helldiver.

Despite the bug, there are players who believe that the Plasma Punisher could now be the big winner of the patch. Perhaps it will soon be part of the best gear set in Helldivers 2.

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