Explosion at a gas station in Peru leaves one dead and several injured

Explosion at a gas station in Peru leaves one dead and several injured
Explosion at a gas station in Peru leaves one dead and several injured

This Monday, May 20, there were moments of terror in Peru chen the explosion of a gas station in Villa María del Triunfowhich so far left 27 injured and one dead.

Through social networks, the Ministry of the Interior of Peru reported that they deployed more than 80 troops of the National Police to work in the area, which is very affected as a result of the burst.

“More than 40 members of the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru11 units, have also been carrying out work according to their competencies,” they detailed.

What caused a faucet to explode in Lima, Peru?

Reports from the authorities indicate that the explosion occurred due to gallon gas leak which weighed around 46 kilograms, this caused others to also explode.

VIDEO: This is how Villa María del Triunfo looked after the explosion

In networks social Images of the explosion and how the scene was left were quickly shown. zoneyou can see destruction, facilities destroyeddamaged buses and a large amount of debris at the site.

Authorities reported that the strong explosion caused the windows of some houses to burst, in addition, the vehicles that were parked in the area were also damaged. damaged.

What is known about the people injured in the Villa María del Triunfo explosion?

In the communications that the Ministry of Health They specified how the people who have already been transferred to the hospitals surrounding the area are doing.

In it Villa El Salvador Emergency Hospital (HEVES)they treated 10 people, 7 are adults, 3 are minors.

In it Mary Help of Christians Hospital They treated 3 people, two adults and a child.

On the other hand, they highlighted that some people were treated with minor injuries, which did not represent any risk.

What should I do when there is a gas leak?

If at any time you smell gas within your home or workspace; or you realize that there is a possibility that there is a gas leak For having a poorly closed key or poor installation, the five basic points to follow are the following, according to the Heroic Fire Department:

  1. Close the gas tank valve or shut-off valve.
  2. Ventilate the place.
  3. Avoid contact with any electrical current.
  4. Leave the area immediately.
  5. Call emergency services, 911.

It is important to remember the importance of do not make contact with any electrical current

, whether to turn devices on or off, connect or disconnect cables and even activate the doorbell. Contact must be zero, as any spark could cause an explosion or fire.

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