Is it possible to install iOS on an Android?

Be that as it may, today we are going to see if it is possible, and if not, what we could have in our Android to recreate the experience of using Apple’s mobile phones to the fullest, although I can tell you that it won’t be like having a real one.

Having iOS on an Android, is it possible?

The Android Operating System is much more open than iOS, and, therefore, many more actions can be performed, however, precisely for this reason, the Apple ecosystem and having private code and servers, use and installation of your system is limited, and it won’t be as easy as running an emulator or installing an OS on a PC.

At general levels It will not be possible to have iOS completely on Android, although we can use many of its tools. This means that, despite not having the App Store, or being able to use AirDrop, we can have functions such as iCloud (which is even available for Windows), as well as many of the native apps, including Apple Maps, Safari, or even FaceTime (even if it is through a direct link app).

In the same way, there are thousands of launchers that recreate iOS, and that will give a software-level appearance very similar to that of Apple. So, by changing that, the wallpaper, and downloading all the available iOS apps on Android, we can emulate the system more or less realistically.

However, Apple is characterized by functions such as “Search”, an iCloud cloud synchronized between all its devices and that you can share and add more with AirDrop, or its level of fluidity, cameras, or battery, something that already depends on the hardware, and that we cannot change. As well as assistance with any type of problem, AppleCare+, or compatibility with cases and accessories, as it has very few models, and is very easy to find.

In summary, today the options and compatible applications are greater than years ago, so simulating having an iPhone is much simpler, however, it will not be of much use, since the user experience will have nothing to do with it, and we will not be able to have most of the interesting tools, so we could summarize this article and your question as, no, you can’t really have iOS on Android.

And you, have you ever thought about transforming your phone? What is the particular reason? Isn’t it better to buy an iPhone even if it is second-hand? Nowadays, Androids have become very similar in price, and it is no longer an excuse that iPhones are so expensive, it is just a matter of adapting to the budget, and not always wanting the latest one.

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