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The new 2024 portfolio of televisions and displays offers a next-level entertainment experience with advanced processors and powerful features.

Samsung Electronics presents a closer look at its 2024 range of televisions and sound bars, unveiling the latest Neo QLED 8K models and 4K, OLED TVs and sound bars.

As the world’s leading television manufacturer for 18 consecutive years[1]Samsung’s offering elevates the home entertainment experience with a range of powerful solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“We are pushing the boundaries of home entertainment by integrating AI in ways that go beyond traditional viewing experiences. “This year’s lineup is a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering products not only with exceptional display, but also contribute significantly to the lifestyles of our users,” said SW Yong, President and Head of Visual Display Business. from Samsung Electronics.

Neo QLED 8K: clarity, sound and smart experiences

The new Neo QLED 8K 2024 is the flagship of Samsung’s latest line of televisions, powered by the advanced processor NQ8 AI Gen3 and marking a significant leap in AI technology for TV. This processor features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that offers twice the speed of its predecessor, along with an eight-fold increase in neural networks from 64 to 512, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience with details. clear, regardless of the input source.

The Neo QLED 8K highlights the subtlest details with extraordinary clarity and naturalness, from facial expressions to the most subtle nuances thanks to AI. With 8K AI Upscaling Pro[2]shows and movies fit the 8K screen as much as possible, allowing you to enjoy a level of detail and image clarity that surpasses that of conventional 4K TVs[3]. Besides, AI Motion Enhancer Pro[4] makes fast action smoother and clearer, a dream for sports fans, while Real Depth Enhancer Pro Adds realistic depth to the image, so the viewer will feel in the scene at all times. All of these features come together to redefine the screen experience, setting a new standard for immersion.

Neo QLED 8K also offers accurate audio thanks to AI sound technology. He Pro Active Voice Amplifier This year’s version now excels at extracting dialogue from background noise, ensuring every word is heard clearly. Object Tracking Sound Pro[5] It also enriches the audio experience by synchronizing the sound with the on-screen action, creating a more dynamic and engaging display. Adaptive Sound Pro Further refines the audio experience by intelligently adjusting it to the content and room acoustics for genuinely rich, realistic sound.

In turn, the Neo QLED 8K has AI functions that understand and adapt to the user’s needs. He mode AI Auto Game It activates during games, optimizing visual effects and audio for an even more immersive and engaging gaming experience. He mode AI Customization adjusts the image for each scene based on the user’s preferences, while the AI Power mode saves energy without compromising image quality. These features ensure that the Neo QLED 8K is easy, customizable and energy efficient.

Available in two models, QN900D and QN800D, and in sizes of 65”, 75” and 85”, the Neo QLED 8K line promises an unmatched visual experience that sets new standards in the premium large screen category.

Smart features for greater integration and customization

In 2024, Samsung AI displays redefine the user experience with advanced connectivity and a suite of intelligent features, apps and platforms. Leveraging the powerful Tizen operating system, these innovations have created a connected, personalized and secure ecosystem. This allows devices to integrate into users’ digital world, transforming screens into a nerve center for all their needs.

Samsung TVs are designed to connect to a smart ecosystem as soon as you turn them on. The moment users turn on their new TV, it recognizes existing networks and devices and connects, all synchronized through a simple notification on users’ smartphones. This effortless setup extends to Samsung devices in the home, as well as home appliances, third-party IoT devices, thanks to its support for HCA and Matter. This eliminates the need for additional hubs, so everything can be managed directly from the screen.

The 2024 display line also offers a new level of integration with smartphones. Simply bring your smartphone closer to the TV to activate Smart Mobile Connect, which turns the device into a universal remote control for your TV and connected appliances. Now, users can use their smartphones as game controllers with a customizable user interface (UI) and haptic feedback, offering comfortable and enhanced gameplay.

Beyond connectivity, the 2024 Samsung smart TVs offer a highly personalized experience with their apps and platforms. With the recent addition of widgets, screens are now personalized control panels that allow users to easily monitor home status, camera power, energy consumption, weather updates and more.

Security is paramount, and with Samsung Knox, every feature, app and platform benefits from robust protection, allowing experiences to remain private and secure.

Expand your entertainment experience with Neo QLED 4K, OLED and sound devices

This year, Samsung introduces an expanded and improved line of TVs and sound devices designed to offer users a variety of options to suit different lifestyles and preferences. This line highlights Samsung’s commitment to innovation and a customer-centric approach.

The 2024 Neo QLED 4K line incorporates cutting-edge innovations, elevating the viewing experience with revolutionary features powered by the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor. This advanced chip brings almost any content to life, playing it in stunning 4K resolution. Improved with Real Depth Enhancer Pro[6] and Quantum Matrix Technology, the screen guarantees impeccable contrast even in complex scenes. With the first screen Pantone Validated in the world for color accuracy and Dolby Atmos For an immersive audio experience, Neo QLED 4K sets the ultimate 4K UHD experience. Neo QLED 4K will be available in sizes ranging from 55” to 98”, adapting to different viewing environments.

Likewise, with functions such as Motion Xcelerator 144Hz[7], which guarantee fluid movement and fast response speed, Samsung OLED is the best option for gaming. Complemented by sleek designs, these TVs elevate viewing space. Available in three models S95D, S90D and S85D, from 42” to 83”, they adapt perfectly to all homes.

The 2024 lineup also includes the Q990D soundbar, which features an 11.1.4-channel setup with Dolby Atmos Wireless. This model comes with features that are a testament to Samsung’s continued leadership as the world’s best-selling sound bar brand over the past 10 years.[8]. Sound Grouping It generates vibrant, room-filling sound and a personal listening option that allows users to enjoy their content through the rear speakers without disturbing others.

The ultra-slim S800D and S700D sound bars deliver exceptional audio quality in an incredibly sleek, space-saving design. Additionally, all Samsung sound bars incorporate advanced audio technologies such as Q-Symphonywhich seamlessly integrates Samsung TVs and bars to deliver an orchestrated sound experience.

Finally, Samsung introduces the new Music Frame, which combines high-quality audio with an artistic design inspired by The Frame. This versatile device allows users to display personal photos or artwork while enjoying wireless audio with smart features. Whether used as a standalone device or linked to a TV and sound bar, it promises an enhanced listening experience that complements any space.

[1] Based on confirmation letter from Omdia (Feb-2024)
[2] QN900D only. The functions provided may vary depending on the model.
[3] Based on the results of an internal Samsung study. Actual experience may vary depending on individual viewing conditions and content quality.
[4] QN900D only. The functions provided may vary depending on the model.
[5] QN900D only. The functions provided may vary depending on the model.
[6] Available in QN90 and QN95. Features offered may vary by model.
[7] Motion Xcelerator 144Hz available on S95D and S90D. The features provided may vary depending on the model.
[8] Based on confirmation letter from futuresource (Feb-2024)
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