WhatsApp launches the “undo delete for me” function

WhatsApp launches the “undo delete for me” function
WhatsApp launches the “undo delete for me” function

(EL UNIVERSAL).- Surely you have sent a wrong text message, image or video in a WhatsApp conversation and when you wanted to delete it you pressed “delete for me”. Do you think that was the best solution?

Although the message will disappear from your phone, the same does not happen on the person to whom you sent it because they will still be able to view it. Fortunately, the Meta app has introduced a new function that will save you in a situation like this.

We tell you everything about the “undo delete for me” tool and we know that when you get to know it you will be able to get a lot of use out of it.

What is the “undo delete for me” function for?

We are so used to sending text messages that many times we do not pay attention to the chat we send. Although WhatsApp improves the speed with which we communicate, we also run the risk of accidentally sharing information.

The good news is that there is a new function that will allow us to go back if we regret deleting a message, whether in an individual conversation or in groups.

This is the “undo delete for me”, which we find when deleting content along with the “delete for everyone” button. What is its purpose? Restore a text or multimedia message in chat.

This function adds to the variety of WhatsApp tools to modify our messages once they have been shared, for example:

“Edit” is used to correct the text.

“Delete for everyone” helps us delete a message in a group chat.

“Delete for me” removes content just for us.

“Undo delete for me”, to restore the content we deleted just for us.

How to use the “undo delete for me” in WhatsApp?

The new world (as it is known in English) has already reached several iOS and Android users. It was last May 14 when the app, as usual, presented the tool on its broadcast channel.

“Have you ever wanted to delete a message for everyone, but you made a mistake and deleted it just for yourself? Now you can undo that action. Yes, deleting a message has never been easier,” the Meta app said in a video.

In the same clip they presented the steps to use the “undo delete for me” function. Next, we explain them to you:

To delete a message

Identify the message you want to delete and press and hold it.

Choose the “Delete” option.

Select “Delete for me” or “Delete for everyone”, as appropriate.

To “undo delete for me”

When you delete the message, a box with the legend “Message deleted for me” is activated at the bottom of the screen.

Press the “undo” button that appears next to the previous legend.

The deleted message will then be restored to the chat.

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