Fly high with this offer on the DJI Mini 3 drone, with a rock-bottom price

One of the best consumer drones is enjoying an incredible offer that you should not refuse. Its about DJI Mini 3the third generation of the brand’s most compact drone that offers top technology with which to avoid collisions and achieve very simple handling with which to record spectacular videos of your most memorable trips.

DJI Mini 3. (Photo: Amazon)

The DJI Mini 3 is a 249 gram drone that you can fly in many countries where there are strict security measures against drones (remember to review them before flying a device with these characteristics). Your stabilized camera records videos in 4K HDR formatand with a flight time of up to 38 minutes on a single battery, you’ll be able to take to the skies for quite some time.

It is the most basic model in the range, with a control knob without a screen (requires connection to a cell phone), but it is still a very high quality device with which you can record videos of incredible quality. The camera also has vertical mode to record videos specially designed for social networks, so you will get shots that will easily go viral.

This is not the brand’s latest model. The DJI Mini 4 is the latest version, but this Mini 3 has enough quality and features to make the purchase worth it. Especially with that 21% discount that we can enjoy on Amazon, which leaves the device with the control knob for less than $9,000 pesos.

DJI Mini 3. Source: AmazonDJI Mini 3. Source: Amazon
DJI Mini 3. (Photo: Amazon)

DJI communication technology allows video transmission between the drone and the controller reach 10 kilometers awaya distance that you will not be able to travel with a single battery, but which serves to give you an idea of ​​the reliability of the image quality.

Despite its size, its rotors and control software keep the equipment in perfect stabilization, achieving withstand winds of up to 38 kilometers per hour.

Drones are devices that invite you to have a fun time flying through the skies, however, many factors must be taken into account to avoid problems with the environment. The DJI app is responsible for informing in which places the device can be flown and in which it cannot, in addition to the fact that the “Cinema” and “Normal” piloting modes help to handle it more easily, contrary to what happens with the frenetic “mode”. Sport”.

An ally of the most traveling users, a drone is usually a great complement for filming trips and paradisiacal places, since its perspective is unique.

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