The influence of Chinese publishers on streaming: Tencent, AI and Esports

The influence of Chinese publishers on streaming: Tencent, AI and Esports
The influence of Chinese publishers on streaming: Tencent, AI and Esports

The rise of live streaming has transformed the digital entertainment industry, with Chinese publishers playing a crucial role in this change. Tencentin particular, has emerged as an undisputed leader, driving technological innovations and expanding its influence in the world of esports. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its platforms has made it possible to optimize the user experience, personalizing content and improving interactions in real time.

Tencent has used AI to analyze large volumes of user data, enabling more precise segmentation and the creation of highly relevant content. This technology has also improved live chat moderation, quickly identifying and removing inappropriate content, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for viewers.

Tencent’s viewing statistics are impressive. In the last quarter, Its live streaming platforms recorded more than 1.5 billion hours viewed, which demonstrates its enormous reach and popularity. This success is not only due to its cutting-edge technology, but also its ability to attract the best esports talent and events, creating an unrivaled content offering. StreamHatchet data.

Tencent’s role in esports is equally significant. By sponsoring major tournaments and events, she has cemented her position as a pillar in the global competitive gaming community. The company not only organizes high-profile competitions, but also invests in teams and players, raising the professional level of the sector. In 2020, its tournaments attracted more than 30 million simultaneous viewers at their peakshighlighting its ability to capture and maintain the attention of a global audience.

In addition to MOBAs, mobile games are also performing strongly. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Arena of Valor achieved 79.9 million and 18.4 million hours watched respectively. It is notable that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gets virtually none of its views from China (just 0.01%). PUBG Mobile is the only shooter in the top 10 with 46.6 million hours watched.

Tencent has made it easier for other Chinese publishers to enter the global esports and live streaming market. Companies like NetEase and Huya are following suit, investing in advanced technologies and expanding their platforms internationally. This move not only strengthens China’s presence in the global market, but also encourages greater competition and diversity of content for viewers around the world.

Chinese publishers, led by Tencent, are redefining the live streaming and esports landscape. Its focus on AI integration and continued support of the competitive gaming community is driving a new era of digital entertainment, which promises to continue to evolve and grow for years to come.

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