A Red Dead Redemption player imagines the incredible life of Jack Marston

A Red Dead Redemption player imagines the incredible life of Jack Marston
A Red Dead Redemption player imagines the incredible life of Jack Marston

John Marston’s son may have had a really interesting life

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Red Dead Redemption has been crowned one of the best games in history, Rockstar knows how to tell stories and of course, users do not stop searching for information and data about everything that could happen in that universe. On this occasion, one of the followers has imagined the life of Jack Marston, John’s son. If the son of the protagonist of the first installment had a full and long life, he could have lived truly historic moments, even the appearance of Elvis Presley.

After the incredible success of the first installment and after having been on the market for a few years, it has now even been said that Red Dead Redemption could come to PC soon. All of this to celebrate its 14th anniversaryyou see that no matter how much time passes, Rockstar titles seem to have a practically infinite life, something that also happens with GTA V and, as it could not be otherwise, also with Red Dead Redemption 2.

This could have been the life of Jack Marston

This story was posted by Reddit user Rutlemania. In the Red Dead Redemption subreddit he has posted his thoughts about John’s son and yes, if Jack had managed to live that long, his life would have been witness of great events. If you want to know what this character could have seen, pay close attention because we show it to you right below these lines.

If Jack had managed to survive the World Wars and reach the age of 90, he could have enjoyed events such as the rise of Elvis and the Beatles. Of course, he would have also witnessed the landing on the moon and might have even seen the first Star Wars movie. As an adult, Jack would also have been able to listen to the first recording of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell; and he would also have been present to witness Kurt Cobain’s iconic performance with Smells Like Teen Spirit at the OK Hotel in Seattle.

Assuming he lived until old age, Jack could have lived to see Elvis, The Beatles, the moon landing, Star Wars, AC/DC, and Nirvana
byu/Rutlemania inreddeadredemption2

As you can see, he would have had a most interesting life. This story has been liked by many people, the publication already has more than 3800 positive votes, so people would have liked Jack to enjoy all that. Meanwhile, beyond stories, players are also finding out new ways to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2, which has been considered the best game in history.

In fact, a while ago we showed you how a user enjoyed the game in first person and it was truly wonderful. If you haven’t tried this title yet, hurry up because you are missing out on a perfect story.

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