The nostalgic story behind TinyPod, the accessory that wants to turn our Apple Watch into an iPod in 2024

The nostalgic story behind TinyPod, the accessory that wants to turn our Apple Watch into an iPod in 2024
The nostalgic story behind TinyPod, the accessory that wants to turn our Apple Watch into an iPod in 2024

This summer a very special accessory will go on sale for those of us who have had an iPod in our lives

Apple discontinued the iPod in 2022, after twenty years of history that contributed to the evolution of the company. My first Apple product was an iPod nano, which I still have. In fact, there was an accessory that allowed you to use the Apple Watch as a wrist watch. How many turns does life take, right?

The iPod stopped making sense with the arrival of Apple Music and the Apple Watch

The magic of the iPod was the ability to carry thousands of songs in our pocket. Over the years, it was miniaturized until it reached the iPod nano. Although this model returned momentarily in the latest iPad Pro M4 announcement, Apple made it clear that there was no longer room for the iPod. With a world that consumes music streaming and the ability to use the Apple Watch with AirPods, millions of songs were available directly on our wrist.

The inspiration for TinyPod came when the founder had an Apple Watch Series 5 with a dead battery

When he asked Apple how much they would offer for it under the buyback program, he was surprised to learn that it was valued at only ninety dollars. Although it did not seem like an adequate valuation, she accepted and received an Apple Store gift card for the same value. This led him to think about how to take advantage of old Apple Watches differently than simply selling them for recycling.

TinyPod seeks to bring back the essence of the iPod to Apple Watch users

This is a case for the Apple Watch that simulates the look of an iPod. Includes a iPod-like scroll wheel, which connects with the Apple Watch’s digital crown to enable analog scrolling. This mechanism is currently in the patent approval process, and the founder will share more details once it is approved. In addition to the wheel, TinyPod has two side buttons and a microphone inputtaking advantage of all the features of the Apple Watch.

The Potential Uses of TinyPod They would have been a dream for many of us fifteen years ago.. I remember buying a strap for my iPod nano that turned it into a wrist watch. In fact, that iPod even had clock faces. Was Apple covertly exploring options? I would say yes!

iPod nano (6th gen) turned into a wrist watch

Life is so curious that now it is proposed to do the opposite– Convert an Apple Watch to an iPod. And, if we think about it, this Apple Watch in iPod format would have been revolutionary ten or fifteen years ago. It allows us to play music, receive notifications, have useful applications such as the weather, measure steps, among other functions. The project TinyPod aims to disconnect us from the iPhone but keep us connected to the essentials, such as music, calls and messages.

The difference lies in the type of use and its impact on users who used to have an iPod. In essence, TinyPod does not have any electronic components additional, and the ideal would be to use it with an Apple Watch Cellular to experience that independence from the iPhone that its founder seeks.

What will be the price of TinyPod and when will it be available?

TinyPod is a personal project without the backing of a large company. The price is 84.95 euros. The founder wanted to compare it to the money he received when selling his old Apple Watch Series 5. Availability will be staggered and will begin this summer.

  • The 45mm models of the Apple Watch Series 7, 8 and 9 will be delivered first
  • Afterwards, it will reach the Apple Watch Ultra and the 41 mm models of the Apple Watch Series 7, 8 and 9.
  • Finally, the 40 mm and 44 mm models of the Apple Watch Series 4, 5 and 6 will be delivered.

The founder admits that the Apple Watch operating system is incredible, but it has never completely convinced him. However, after months of using TinyPod, he has been pleasantly surprised. It has managed to transform all that functionality into something fun, new and different to a simple fitness tracker. If you are as intrigued as we are about TinyPod, you can sign up on their website to receive news about its launch and even preserve it to ensure one of the first units.

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