10 tricks to optimize and accelerate Windows 10 to the maximum in 2024

And not everyone can afford the luxury of purchase a latest generation PC in order to get the most out of Windows 10 and its applications. Sometimes users intend to use the new and latest versions of the operating system in the best way, but with old or limited computers.

That is precisely why the software giant, Microsoft, makes available to us various customizable functions and features in its operating system. All this to adjust its operation and even optimize it if necessary. This will be very useful for those who notice blockages or slowness in certain tasks in their daily life with the computer.

Precisely for this reason, below we are going to show you a series of tricks in the form of adjustments that you can carry out quickly and easily to speed up windows 10. Furthermore, to carry out these changes we do not need advanced knowledge of the Microsoft operating system.

Improve Windows performance with these changes

In fact, we can use several of these tricks and thus significantly improve the operation of the software we are talking about.

Remove programs from system startup. From the Task Manager we have the possibility of eliminating the programs that run when Windows starts automatically. We should leave only the essential ones, which will speed up the startup of the computer.

Uninstall all unnecessary applications. Likewise, it is also important to remove all the programs that we are not going to use in Windows. In addition to saving space on the disk drives, we prevent them from consuming resources without us realizing it.

Free up hard drive space. It is also essential to leave several gigabytes free at all times in case Windows needs them as virtual memory. Maybe we should copy our larger contents such as videos and photos to external storage drives.

Reduce notifications. From the Settings application we can modify the notifications that Windows will send us. We should reduce their quantity to a minimum in order to save resources.

Use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. The Internet is an increasingly important element of our equipment, hence to obtain the best performance we should use an Ethernet cable instead of the wireless connection. Obviously, as long as this is possible and we have the router at hand.

Remove interface animations. To improve the user interface, Windows offers us multiple animations that we should deactivate to optimize the general functioning of the system.

Don’t use animated wallpapers. Something similar happens with the desktop background, instead of setting an animated one we should leave a fixed image.

Clean the registry. We have multiple applications at our fingertips to clean the system registry. This could improve resource consumption and optimize Windows performance.

Edit registry to recover classic explorerDisable the backup function. If we are not going to use it, from the Settings application we should deactivate the automatic backup function.

Update Windows. Keeping the operating system updated at all times can help optimize its operation and fluidity.

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