the great ‘roomba’ type robot to have it perfect without effort

the great ‘roomba’ type robot to have it perfect without effort
the great ‘roomba’ type robot to have it perfect without effort

With summer in Spain, the pool season arrives in the country, despite the drought problems that the peninsula is currently experiencing. This creates a problem: the need to clean these spaces. The Aiper firm intends to conquer this season with its series of Scuba pool cleaning robots, with which to greatly facilitate the often tedious cleaning process.

Aiper has demonstrated the power of its range of Scuba robots, which are divided into up to 5 different models, on the terrace of the Room Mate Oscar Hotel in Madrid. In this demonstration, the company has made it clear how each of the robots focuses on different functions and aspects, ranging from cleaning focused on the pool floor even cleaning your own walls.

For example, a button. While the Scuba SE is a basic pool cleaner designed for the entry-level range and allows you to clean pool bottoms of up to 80 square meters, the Scuba N1 Ultra is positioned as the most powerful machine. In this case, the robot is aimed at commercial-sized inground pools to clean up to 200 square meters of surface.

New pool cleaning robots

The idea behind Aiper’s Scuba range is that these robots are more than enough when it comes to cleaning this type of pool, whether in-ground or above ground. Again, versatility comes into play here, since depending on the model chosen, the user can opt for different types of cleaning for specific shapes, materials and sizes.

The Scuba SE is the simplest model in the line, and can cover pools of up to 80 square meters. It can clean your floor in just 90 minutes, even if you are using it. It has a simple dual-motor system and a compact and lightweight size. In addition, it has an auditory system that notifies the owner when it has finished cleaning or when the battery is running out.

It is followed by the next one in the ranking, the Scuba E1 which, in Aiper’s words, is inspired in the Mars rovers. Go from a dual motor system to mounting a set of three motors and roller brushes, to collect more debris and move more fluidly.

On the other hand, it uses the world’s first ultra-fine double filter system, which allows the smallest particles to be collected. It is also ideal for 102 square meter above ground pools, being able to clean their floors in just an hour and a half.

We move up the ranks, moving to the Scuba S1, which is considered by the manufacturer to be the star product awarded by CES 2024 with the Innovation Award. In this case, the Scuba S1 is aimed at in-ground pools, although upping the ante to 149 square meters with cleaning processes of up to 2 and a half hours.

It can clean the floor, wall or both with its modes and uses a WavePath Navigation system that follows the flow of the pool to increase cleaning coverage. There is also an ecological mode with periodic 48-hour cleaning and Caterpillar treads.

Scuba S1 Pro.



This is the only model that has a ‘Pro’ variant, the Aiper Scuba S1 Pro, built for 200 square meter inground pools. It makes use of both treads and filters, and also features WavePath 2.0 technology. Up the ante using sensors to maneuver between obstacles and thus avoid them. Another of its strengths includes the first horizontal waterline cleaning mode, WaveLine Technology.

Finally there is the Scuba N1 Ultra, which is aimed directly at the professional sector and enthusiastic users who ensure deep cleaning. Although it shares the same power for 200 square meter inground pools as the S1 Pro, the N1 Ultra has a waste collection container up to 7.5 liters capacity. On the other hand, it debuts the brand’s first multidimensional precision maneuvering technology in the world, specific for difficult-to-access areas.

Price and availability

The aforementioned Scuba series robots are available for purchase at discounted prices from the Aiper website. This is the price list of all the models, ranging from the Scuba SE to the Scuba S1 Pro. The Scuba N1 Ultra, as of the date of writing this article, is not listed on the company’s website, but on third-party websites .

  • Scuba SE – 189 euros (recommended price of 239 euros)
  • Scuba E1 – 349 euros (recommended price of 399 euros)
  • Scuba S1 – 599 euros (recommended price of 649 euros)
  • Scuba S1 Pro – 1,099 euros (recommended price of 1,499 euros)
  • Scuba N1 Ultra – 1,599 euros.
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