A bug in Windows 11 “eats” up to 10% of processor power

A bug in Windows 11 “eats” up to 10% of processor power
A bug in Windows 11 “eats” up to 10% of processor power

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced Copilot+, a set of AI tools exclusive to the Windows 11 operating system. This set of functions has received a lot of criticism, especially for being a serious risk to security and privacy. Now the criticism is due to the latest update of Windows 11 Insiders that raises the CPU consumption unjustifiably.

Currently, Windows 11 is only present in 30% of systems, not having much support. Adoption is being much slower than Microsoft initially thought.

One of the reasons for the low adoption is the large number of performance problems that this operating system has presented. Its requirements are also very restrictive, leaving out users with fully functional systems. The latest update from Insiders increases CPU consumption by up to 10% due to a specific service.

Windows 11 consumes more CPU due to a feature

The recent Windows 11 Insiders Update released in June suffers from a persistent high CPU usage bug tied to a specific service. It was the user lginmt90 who reported the problem on June 5, 2024 in Microsoft photos. The positive part is that this problem can be fixed manually by disabling the Microsoft multi-device service.

Microsoft has not fixed the problem for those who want to use the service between devices. An acknowledgment has already been made from the Insiders Feedback Center. Jennifer G., a Microsoft engineer, highlighted that “we have identified the cause and are working to solve it.”

The increase in processor consumption would be due to the improvements in the service function between devices in Windows 11. The synchronization of the PC with the smartphone is improved to share files and more in an easier way.

Phone Link would be to blame for the increased resource consumption of the system processor. Some point to changes made to the Cross Device Service of the Insiders program that launched this year.

This problem represents an increase in processor consumption by 10% while the service is not used. The truth is that it seems like a new botch that the company should solve as soon as possible. Increasing resource consumption when transferring files makes sense, but it is not normal when it is in the background.

Additionally, if your PC has a processor without the new NPUs intended for AI, it may show you a permanent fly indicating that your system is not compatible with Copilot. An embedded function from Microsoft that you will use whether you like it or not.

Note that recently Microsoft has had to change its plans due to the barrage of criticism. Recall, a Copilot+ feature that took indiscriminate screenshots and displayed passwords, has been changed. The feature has been removed from Copilot+ for the moment, although it is still present within the Insiders program.

AI features added indiscriminately by Microsoft pose a serious risk to security and privacy. There are many who warn of the problem and more and more users are uncomfortable with this technology embedded in Windows.

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