Jorge Rivero dies during rehearsal in Jalisco

Jorge Rivero dies during rehearsal in Jalisco
Jorge Rivero dies during rehearsal in Jalisco

Jalisco.- The land of Guadalajara was dressed in mourning this morning after the sudden death of Jorge Rivero, distinguished guest conductor of the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra, who suffered a heart attack during a rehearsal at the emblematic Degollado Theater. At 74 years old, the renowned Cuban oboist was preparing the next concert in the “Spring Serenades” cycle, scheduled for this Sunday at the Cultural Cabañas, where Vivaldi’s famous “Four Seasons” would be performed, among other works.

Rivero, whose musical career was widely recognized, had been selected to direct several events during the month of April, including a tour of various municipalities in Jalisco and a special concert during the Spring Season at the same Cultural Cabañas.

With a first-level academic training at the National School of Art in Havana and further studies in Paris, Rivero stood out in his field, obtaining awards such as the First Prize for Oboe in the National Music Competition of Havana and the to the Virtuoso for his outstanding album in the Concert Music category.

This tragic event brings to mind the incident of March 2003, when Luis Herrera de la Fuente, also director of the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra at that time, suffered a heart condition during a concert. Unlike Rivero, Herrera de la Fuente survived that episode.

The musical community of Jalisco, as well as fans and colleagues around the world, deeply mourn the loss of Jorge Rivero, whose artistic legacy and passion for classical music leave an indelible mark on the cultural heritage of the region.

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