4 Dollar Tree Items That Will Soon Go Up in Price

4 Dollar Tree Items That Will Soon Go Up in Price
4 Dollar Tree Items That Will Soon Go Up in Price

The retail chain Dollar Tree was previously known among consumers for its incredible low prices most of their products could be purchased for less than $1; However, after the pandemic it surprised its customers by increasing its base price to $1.25.

Although it remains one of the retailers with the lowest prices, it will not be forever since for this year, The chain intends to once again increase the cost of some products to a “maximum price” between $5 and $7.

According to Dollar Tree CEO Rick Dreiling, “this year, in 3,000 storeswe hope to expand our multi-price assortment by more than 300 items at prices ranging between $1.50 and $7 dollars,” he said.

It is for this reason that here we tell you which will be those 4 items that will increase in price soon:

Beauty and personal care

Although the prices of hygiene, beauty and personal care items on the Dollar Tree website remain at $1.25, some of these products could soon change their price.

Soft drinks and drinks

Some brands of soft drinks and sugary drinks have already raised their prices this year due to the high taxes they maintain on these manufacturing companies; neverthelessat certain retailers like Dollar Tree costs were kept relatively lows, but with the new adjustments these will be part of the products that will increase their prices this year.

Food and snacks

Some foods will also increase in price this year, Dreiling said. Although it is not yet specified what type of foodstuffs will have the adjustment, it is presumed that these include sweets and snacks.

Pet food and toys

“Our shoppers will find $5 bags of dog food alongside our traditional pet treats and toys for $1.25,” Dreiling said.

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