Larry Webb confesses to 2000 cold case murder of Susan and Natasha Carter

Larry Webb confesses to 2000 cold case murder of Susan and Natasha Carter
Larry Webb confesses to 2000 cold case murder of Susan and Natasha Carter

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By Allie Griffin

April 24, 2024, 9:16 pm ET

An ailing West Virginia man confessed on his deathbed to killing a mother and her 10-year-old child nearly a quarter century ago and led investigators to their bodies.

Larry Webb, 82, said he shot and killed both Susan Carter, 41, and her daughter Natasha “Alex” Carter in August 2000 and then buried their bodies in a shallow grave in the woods on their property, WSAZ reported.

The remains of the mother and daughter were discovered on Webb’s Beckley property Monday — roughly six hours after their killer died at Mount Olive Correctional Complex in Fayette County in what police called “a bit of a poetic ending.”

Alex Carter, 10, and her mother were last seen on Aug. 8, 2000. FBI

Larry Webb confessed to murdering Carter and his mother, Susan, 41, on his deathbed. FBI

Webb said that he had gotten into an argument with Susan Carter, who was living in his home with her daughter, over money and shot her. He said he was missing cash and believed that she had taken it and spent it, Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hatfield said.

After fatally shooting Susan, Webb said he “knew he had ruined his life forever,” investigators said, according to WSAZ.

He then shot little Alex dead so that there were no witnesses.

“Once he had killed both individuals, he had stored them in the basement of the home where he cried himself to sleep that night. And then over the course of the next two nights, he dug a shallow grave in the woods on his property,” Hatfield said, according to Fox News.

Webb was previously indicted for Alex’s death in October 2023 and was placed in custody earlier this month after the FBI took back the cold case in 2021, according to the local news station.

Webb told investigators that he shot Susan following an argument over money and then killed Alex to cover his tracks. Fox

Investigators searched his home last year and found a bullet embedded in the wall of what was the girl’s bedroom, the station reported. The bullet was tested for DNA, which confirmed that blood on it belonged to the 10-year-old girl.

Webb reportedly confessed to the murders in a “come to Jesus” moment on his deathbed during the first week of April, West Virginia state police said, according to Fox.

Susan and Alex Carter’s bodies were found Monday after nearly 24 years. FBI

Alex’s father, Rick Lafferty, who was in a custody battle with Susan over their daughter at the time of her death, said he was grateful to investigators for finally closing the case.

“Kind of a sad day, but also a happy day, because I can bring my baby home,” he said at a press conference announcing the findings.

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