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Congratulations for a mother created using AI

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Generative artificial intelligence tools are the order of the day and many of them allow us to create illustrations or drawings that we can use for different purposes, as could be the case of congratulate our mothers your most special day. We have talked to you about Midjourney and DALL-E 3 as some of the most interesting alternatives for this purpose and now we want to show you how create your personalized card.

Let AI help you create the perfect greeting card

Since one of the most interesting and useful free tools on the current scene is Microsoft Copilotwe have brought you a small guide so you can use this AI platform from the American company and unleash your imagination to create the best greeting card that you have never given to your mother.

The first thing you should do is go to the Microsoft Copilot website. Once inside, it is convenient to click on the top button that indicates Log in. In the next section you will have to enter your Microsoft email addressusually with the extensions ‘hotmail’ or ‘outlook’, and its password.

You are already in Microsoft Copilot with your Microsoft user, so now you can start creating the magic in the bottom bar, where you can dictate the commands that you want to be interpreted by the company’s AI. In this case, since we want to create a card, we can write something like ‘Draw a Mother’s Day greeting. In the image an older woman appears, walking arm in arm with her grandson, who is taller than her. The two walk through a park while boys and girls play. Pixar style image. Write the text: ‘Congratulations mom’.

Selection of images created to congratulate Mother's Day

Selection of images created to congratulate Mother’s Day

As you can see, after the first results appear, you can refine the imagesbeing able to modify settings, characters, style of the card or the text that appears on it, which is usually one of the most complicated sections to polish in an image created using artificial intelligence. Another option I would be create an image without text and use editing programssuch as Canva, to add later.

Download Canva on AndroidDownload Canva on iOS

It is true that this is one of the best platforms to create images for free, although for expand the toolset that you can use to come up with your new congratulations for him Mother’s Daybelow we leave you a selection of web pages in which you can also create images using AI:

  • Canva: the digital multimedia content service also offers the possibility of creating images using artificial intelligence.
  • Adobe Firefly: The well-known software company has a free tool for the same purpose.
  • BlueWillow: A little-known AI image generator.
  • Leonardo AI: after logging in through your Apple, Google or Microsoft account you will be able to use a wide range of functions.

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