More than 300 people attend the II Edition ‘EET Day’

More than 300 people attend the II Edition ‘EET Day’
More than 300 people attend the II Edition ‘EET Day’

EET, an IT distributor of technology with high added value, successfully held the Second Edition of EET Day in Madrid, a consolidated event that brought together 52 exhibiting brands under the same space and common objective, to show the latest developments in the IT market. At the beginning of the day, Sonia Marcos, general director of EET Spain, highlighted the importance of generating events of this type, as it allows creating great synergies between the solutions of the different manufacturers and focused on highlighting the importance that they were acquiring in the sector, technologies such as AI or automation and how these could be integrated into a multitude of projects and organizations.

The event stood out for the quality and wide variety of exhibiting companies, who had the opportunity to share their vision and knowledge about the most relevant trends in the sector. Attendees generated new contacts and had the opportunity to interact directly with manufacturers to learn from great experts in Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, digital transformation and other key areas.

Regarding the event, Marcos stated that “we are very satisfied with the success of this second edition of EET Day. This event is a reflection of EET’s continued growth and commitment to the technology and solutions market.” And he added that “at EET we believe that what really distinguishes this event is the environment of collaboration and learning to help our clients discover new solutions for their projects, with the help of the best brands in the sector. That is why we look forward to the next edition of EET Day, where we will continue to promote the exchange of knowledge and connect professionals passionate about technology in a stimulating and dynamic environment.”

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