‘Fire Country’ Fans Beg the Show to Stop “Torturing” Them After New Season 2 Clip Airs

This story contains light spoilers from Fire Country season 2.

Ace Fire Country airs new season 2 episodes every Friday night on CBS, fans of the hit drama are completely invested in the lives of everyone who works at Cal Fire and Three Rock. But ahead of the show’s season finale dropping on May 17, viewers can’t help but root for one couple to get back together in the most epic way possible. And they let the show know after seeing a sneak peek of the May 3 episode on Instagram.

In the clip, we see what’s to come for Bode Leone (Max Thieriot) as Three Rock is on the verge of being shut down. As he and his fellow inmates participate in serving attendees at Edgewater’s annual Firefighters’ Ball as a way to convince the governor to save the camp, viewers witness Bode longing for his one-time love Gabriela Perez (Stephanie Arcila), who is happily dancing with her fiancé Diego Moreno (Rafael de la Fuente).

“Hey, don’t forget to blink, man,” Bode’s cellmate Cole Rodman (Tye White) tells him in the clip posted on May 1. “I get it. It might be the last time that you could tell her how you feel before she gets married.”

“It doesn’t matter how I feel,” Bode responds. “She’s happy — that door’s closed. Tonight’s about Three Rock.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” Cole concludes before walking away.

When fans saw Bode yearning to be with Gabriela once more, they rallied the show for them to get back together by the end of season 2.

“The way they look at each other, there AIN’T GOING TO BE A WEDDING,” one person declared in the comments. “Be patient Bode, you’ll get the girl!

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