Netizens Are Baffled By IVE Rei’s Real Height

IVE member King is going viral in online communities after netizens realized her real height.

The 20-year-old is the only Japanese member and the main rapper of IVE. Despite being the third-oldest in the group, Rei often gets noticed for her maknaelike youthful charms and cute face.

Among the six members of IVE, she is also the fourth tallest, with Leeseo and Gaeul just a few inches shorter. So, she usually looks short beside her members in group photos.

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But now, netizens realize how tall Rei actually is after seeing her beside people of average height. Standing at 169 cm, Rei easily towered over every castmate in a recent entertainment show appearance.

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Netizens were left baffled at the visual representation of the IVE member’s enviable height and couldn’t help noting how deceptive her small face is!

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  • “No, wait, what…LOL.”
  • “Wow, she’s really freaking tall, LOL. Seeing her in a picture with other people, now it’s dawning on me. I thought she would be around 165, but now that you’re saying she’s 170…It’s veeery rare among Japanese people. Wow.”
  • “Wow. I never knew it. “I thought she and Gaeul were the short ones, LOL.”
  • “If you look just at her face, she seems small and precious. But she’s actually tall and precious, LOL.
  • “Whoa, this is my first time hearing this.”
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