from sexual abuse of a girl to presidential scandal

from sexual abuse of a girl to presidential scandal
from sexual abuse of a girl to presidential scandal

Who Stormy Daniels? What relationship do you have with Donald Trump? In recent months, the adult film actress has become one of the most sought-after names on the international scene, even more so yesterday after being a star witness in the trial. criminal to face the former US president for bribery in New York.

The porn actress signed a contract in 2016 for which she would receive a payment of $130,000 for her silence. The driver of this bribery was trumpthen a presidential candidate, in an attempt to silence the relationship he had had with the performer, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

Blonde hair, black dress with a hood, glasses on her head, Javier Ansorena reported this Tuesday from New York, Clifford, met the Republican candidate and rival of Joe Biden in the presidential elections at the end of the year to detail before the judge their sexual encounter with this.

With a strong personality and, above all, colossal desire for ambition, this 44-year-old woman, whom Trump called “horse face” publicly in 2018, he wanted from the first moment to uncover the scandal, without much success, which earned him countless ‘haters’ comments on social networks. Now, three years later, with the alleged bribery coming to light and with the former president’s trial underway, his name is more than ever on the table.

Broken family and sexual abuse

Stormy Daniels was born in 1979 in Baton Rouge, in the southern state of Louisiana. Raised by her mother after her father left hometells in a book about her life that her family completely neglected her and that an older man sexually abused her when she was barely nine years old.

Despite being a good student in her harsh circumstances, the few possibilities led her to dedicate herself to striptease from a very young age and then make the leap to porn movies.

The actress, director and screenwriter With long blonde hair, she is a well-known and respected figure in the world of porn, where she has won several awards. However, it was her relationship with Trump 17 years ago that put her name on the map, thus achieving questionable fame.

What happened to Trump?

In the summer of 2006, the paths of the actress and the real estate magnate They crossed paths in the idyllic setting of a luxury resort in the state of Nevadaduring a golf tournament on the shores of a lake.

Daniels had just appeared in the comedy “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and Trump had become a father again, this time with his wife Melania.

Stormy Daniels claimed not to be “a victim” because the relationships, which Trump denies, had been consensual

According to the actress’s story, Trump invited her to dinner in his suite, where hereceived in pajamas on the couch. She claims they later had a sexual relationship, a detail he denies.

What is proven is that Daniels received $130,000, just before the 2016 presidential elections, with the alleged objective of silencing that meeting, especially since Trump was about to, to the surprise of the world, become president of the United States of America. America.

A television journey to bring the relationship to light

Once the financial transaction was revealed in 2018, the actress began touring the television studios and asked the courts to cancel the confidentiality agreement she had signed.

A few years ago, during an interview on the famous program “60 Minutes” on the CBS network, Daniels said that he wanted to set the record straight and stressed that he was not a “victim” since the relations he had maintained with Trump in that hotel in Snowfall had been consented.

What Stormy Daniels did denounce is that the now former president made empty promises about future television appearances that, she believes, were only so that she would not distance herself from him.

In the midst of this public struggle, Daniels did not hesitate to respond, with biting wit, to each of the blows he gave him on Twitter.

Daniels, who married for the fourth time last year and has a daughter, moves comfortably in notoriety and navigates the spotlight with the ease of someone who knows that he has fame tied between his fingers.

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