Medium and long-term needs of fire victims important too

Medium and long-term needs of fire victims important too
Medium and long-term needs of fire victims important too

The figure has jumped from 25 people to 38 people to now 53 individuals being directly impacted by the Wellington fire and the City Member of Parliament wants donors in society to consider not only the short-term needs but the medium and long term needs as they seek to lend assistance.

City MP Corey Lane told the media:

“There is short-term, medium and long-term…

“My experience with the past five fires is, the short-term has been really easy. A lot of people give a lot of clothes and food which is needed but there’s a lot of assistance that is needed in the medium and long term as well and I just want people to keep that in mind.”

The victim tally at latest count stands at 38 adults, 14 children and one baby from a total of 16 houses. Of the 16 homes, six were completely destroyed, two partially damaged by the blaze and the others impacted by smoke and soot.

Initially, he said that the first response for housing was provided by government by way of the efforts of the Resilience and Re-integration Unit in the Ministry of People Empowerment. He said that accommodation from the government has been provided for 30 adults, 10 children and one baby and they are receiving support “at every level” be it food, clothing, counseling and more.

However, Lane noted that the next phase is already underway as it pertains to seeking to move the fire victims out of the emergency housing situated at two South coast hotels.

He said work was already underway by the Re-integration Unit to see the families transitioned out of emergency housing but he stressed that the process can only go as quickly as government can find suitable medium-term housing.

Out of the many organizations and people who have stepped up to offer support so far, he thanked Barbadians and all the companies on the whole, but singled out Simplex as one of the very first companies to step forward, along with the St Ambrose Church, Jabez House, Savvy on the Bay and most recently the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust.

The fire at Wellington Street, Bridgetown, occurred on May 5, 2024.

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