Company El Vaquero reveals possible cause of the explosion at its headquarters in Soacha

Company El Vaquero reveals possible cause of the explosion at its headquarters in Soacha
Company El Vaquero reveals possible cause of the explosion at its headquarters in Soacha

More than 200 firefighters from Soacha, Bogotá and several municipalities in the savannah joined forces to respond to the emergency.

Photo: Pedro Mendoza

As the hours go by, new details of the emergency that occurred yesterday afternoon in the municipality of Soacha are becoming known, where, after a spectacular explosion at the El Vaquero gunpowder factory, a raging fire was caused that left 34 people injured and one woman. , a company worker, died due to the serious injuries she suffered during the development of the emergency.

In context: “Her work was dangerous,” says the family of Nathaly Niño, a fire victim in Soacha

The victim was identified as Nathaly Niño, who had been linked to the company for just over a year. Niño was 39 years old and was the mother of a five-year-old girl and a 20-year-old young man. Her family assures that the woman told them her intention to retire from her job due to the risks she had to take, such as handling substances. chemicals that caused severe allergies and continued exposure to highly flammable material.

“Nathaly was a native of César, 39 years old, a Soachuna by adoption dedicated to her family and a tireless worker who lived and worked in our city. To all of her family and her loved ones, our hug, psychosocial support and message of condolences at this difficult time. We accompany them in her pain and we deeply regret her loss,” Julián Sánchez, municipal mayor, wrote in her X account.

In addition, the mayor indicated that 30 of the 34 people who were injured have already been discharged. He also pointed out that at least 540 families were affected by the explosive wave and smoke inhalation, which are being duly characterized. On the other hand, 17 dogs and 19 chickens were rescued and spent the night in a safe place.

What does the company that owns the place say?

The first hypotheses indicate that, apparently, the high temperatures that have been reported in the Bogotá savanna during those days would have to do with the causes of the fire, since in the area where the fire started, where there was presence of sulfur and coal, a chemical reaction would have caused a spark that, upon contact with the other flammable materials, generated the emergency.

Daniel Carvajal, delegate of the El Vaquero company, referred, in an interview with CM&, to the possible origin of the flames. “It was 4:30 in the afternoon and in the place where the gunpowder is developed, a spark was ignited that reached two gallons of flying, causing the majority of injuries to people, we have one deceased person, they have asked me about the material damage , but we have focused on people’s health, today unfortunately we were not pyrotechnics based on life,” he indicated.

He also noted that the company’s human resources staff is working on a report that will specify in detail the origin of the emergency.

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