00 hours, marathon of chapters in Divinity

00 hours, marathon of chapters in Divinity
00 hours, marathon of chapters in Divinity

Divine equipment 05/24/2024 1:15 p.m.

Lieutenants Matthew Casey and Kelly Severide, in ‘Chicago Fire’Divinity

  • Chief Wallace Boden, Lieutenants Casey and Severide and members of Park 51 will face dangerous situations

  • Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker and Monica Raymund, Kara Killmer and Miranda Rae Mayo lead the cast

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Sirens will sound every noon at Divinity! Chicago Firehouse 51 never rests. Under the orders of Chief Wallace Boden, the emergency team keeps all the citizens of this great city safe and faces the most dangerous situations: fires, natural disasters, traffic accidents… They are always on the line. and they are willing to risk their own lives to protect those of others. Live the most exciting after-dinner sessions and accompany the bravest firefighters of television in each of his interventions. From Monday to Friday at 3:00 p.m., don’t miss the ‘Chicago Fire’ marathon at Divinity.

Parque 51, a great family that fights together

When they go on a dangerous rescue operation they only have each other and that has turned them into a big family. Despite the risks that their work entails, the members of Parque 51 feel safe when they go out for warnings because They know they can blindly trust their colleagues. They know that the person next to them in each operation would give up their life for them if necessary. That has made the park of Chief Wallace Boden and Lieutenants Matthew Casey, leader of Truck 81, and Kelly Severide, who heads the Brigade, the best in all of Chicago.

Chicago Firedivinity.es

However, working under so much pressure takes its toll on them. Enduring the stress of the interventions they carry out daily is not always easy and the team pays a high personal price for it. Every day they experience extreme situations and sometimes this causes confrontations to occur. among the members of the fire station.

However, they never lose focus and despite these discrepanciesthe bond that the men of ’51 have forged is unbreakable. Family is above everything. And they prove it every day. In the good times (which there are despite their complicated and very hard work) and in the bad They always remain united and protect and fight together.

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