Highways and airports full for Memorial Day – Telemundo San Diego (20)

Highways and airports full for Memorial Day – Telemundo San Diego (20)
Highways and airports full for Memorial Day – Telemundo San Diego (20)

SAN DIEGO – Long lines on the roads, especially for those who will cross to Tijuana, and saturated airports are the obvious sign that a large number of people are preparing this Friday to enjoy the long weekend on the occasion of Memorial Day. the fallen.

The peak was reached after the usual time at which the work day usually ends; Some people did return home to prepare, but others were already ready to start the vacation from that moment and headed towards the busy San Ysidro Boulevard exit, where there were expressions of frustration and fatigue.

“If you get tired of waiting, it’s almost the same as if we crossed to California,” commented Martín Aguilera, a traveler originally from Sacramento.

In the line to Tijuana this Friday you could see workers returning to that border city and tourists, those who, like Martín, are going to spend the day off in Baja California.

“Let’s see what happens, a little trip to Puerto Nuevo,” says Aguilera.

The lines heading to Mexico are joined by those that were seen today in the airport security area, which went around the premises. Many travelers like Edna said that she started the trip to the San Diego airport from Tijuana at 8:30 a.m. even though her daughter’s flight wasn’t until after 1 p.m.

“With a lot of time beforehand, the truth is, to be able to prevent all these types of things that happen,” admitted Edna del Río, a Tijuana resident, who was at the San Diego airport.

This weekend, Triple A says, a historical record could be recorded in the number of travelers in the region.

“Here in Southern California alone, 3.5 million residents of this area will be traveling 50 miles or more this Memorial Day weekend,” said Anlleyn Venegas, spokesperson for the Southern California Car Club. .

“With which will come not only traffic frustrations, but also accidents and mishaps,” he adds. “Triple A projects that there are going to be more than 95,000 drivers who are going to call us and ask us for help because they are going to be stranded on the side of the road.”

So today drivers are not only asked to thoroughly check their car, batteries, oil and tires before leaving, but also to monitor their times before arriving at the airport, as traffic is projected to be heavy this Friday until after 8 pm.

“The standard is two hours, but that may depend on your situation. If someone from Tijuana coming is going to take up more time than someone who lives around here, then calculate depending on where you live and just don’t leave everything to the last minute,” Larisa emphasizes. Casillas, spokeswoman for San Diego International Airport.

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So this afternoon workers, like Mario Hernández, say that he arrived at the line before 2:30 pm and that did not exempt him from waiting for more than an hour, amidst the sounds of horns and desperation of those already trying to get there. home or start your vacation

“Yes, we try, but we’re still stuck here,” says Hernández, who has been waiting in line for more than 40 minutes.

And while at the San Diego airport up to 440,000 people are expected to travel this long weekend alone, at the San Ysidro checkpoint there are those who have already armed themselves with patience to endure the remaining hours to reach Mexico. However, like every Friday there are people cutting lines and a lot of discontent with those who are going to cross the border in the middle of lines that could remain until tomorrow morning.

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