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05/24/2024 3:20 p.m. Updated on 05/24/2024 9:33 p.m.

Sitting in the winning corner, Gustavo Costas He has as his pupil the Mike Tyson of the 90s. His racing He has the heaviest hands in Argentine football. In no time he is able to destroy his opponent. He hits hard and repeats. The Academy knocks out. With air, no one can stand. The numbers speak of a team that is sweeping. He has nine goals this season, he has the most goals in local football (35), he has scored 14 in his last four games and He has a guy who scored 19 of the last 20 times he went out on the court.. That is Wonder Martinez.

But this knockout has a weak point. That’s why, despite having champion numbers, he still didn’t win the crown and disappointed. He wasn’t even close. He has a chin that is still fragile. If he doesn’t cover himself, they hit him. It happened to him in the League Cup with a slump in the middle of the competition that left him without a quarterfinal despite ending up winning seven in a row counting all fronts. Also in the Argentine Cup, where Talleres de Escalada eliminated him. And even in Córdoba, where they beat 4-1 and ended up tying 4-4. Racing de Costas would have had 10 wins.

But there goes the Academy once again. With the handicap of having the best attack in Argentine football, it can cover up some shortcomings. It happened again on the cold Victoria night. If there is something that simplifies everything for Racing, it is that it does not need much to get ahead. The goal comes so easily to him that in the first half he barely scored three times on goal and led 2-0 at halftime. What’s more, it was only two plays. At seven minutes, Sosa played a perfect long pass to Urzi. The former Banfield executed an oriented control to buy time for the defender and crossed for Maravilla. The nine anticipated great but ran into a good reaction from Zenobio. On the rebound, Martirena sent it to save.

Racing scored for the third game in a row. (Photobaires)

Costas’ team did not play a good first half. In fact, Matador stole the ball from him but he never had the tools to go deep. And Racing, in the last one, got the badge of having the best 9 in the country. Salas crossed, Urzi touched it inside the area (they gave him a penalty) and the ball, like a magnet, was left to Adrian. He stopped it with his left foot, quickly to the right and a great goal from a half turn. Animal. On par with the best on the planet.

From there, the most interesting thing was not the feet of the Racing players, but their heads. Above all when four minutes into the second half Salas defined with top hierarchy, made it 3-0 and gave the visit another win. How was he going to respond after what happened with Belgrano? This was the worst thing that could happen to poor Tigre. The Academy redoubled its desire to attack even more and could have scored no less than seven goals. And he wanted to do them. Almendra had a shot blocked with the goal almost alone, Salas finished two heads-up badly and the entered Roger had another pair annulled due to an advanced position. There was a fourth. Penalty to Urzi and goal from Juanferanother who had entered to add minutes.

Yes, Racing also has a rich squad. When you plant it, it scares you…

Costas’ team continues at a firm pace in the LPF. (Photobaires)

The summary of Tigre vs. Racing, for the Professional League 2024

05/24/2024, 21:30

(VIDEO) The summary of Racing’s 4-0 win

Professional League –

The best of Racing’s 4-0 win over Tigre

05/24/2024, 20:51

Full Time! Racing beat Tigre 4-0 in Victoria

Racing won, liked and scored! (Photobaires)Racing won, liked and scored! (Photobaires)
05/24/2024, 20:47

41′ ST | Another goal disallowed for Roger due to offside

The Colombian started ahead after a pass from David González, so the play was annulled at 5-0.

05/24/2024, 20:46

(VIDEO) Juanfer’s goal for 4-0

Professional League –

Quintero for Racing’s 4 to 0

05/24/2024, 20:44

39′ ST | Costas makes one last change

  • Enter David González.
  • Agustín Urzi retires.
05/24/2024, 20:43

38′ ST | Roger Martínez’s goal disallowed due to previous offside

The Colombian made it 5-0 for Racing, but the play was invalidated due to an advanced position by Juanfer Quintero.

05/24/2024, 20:35

32′ ST | Racing goal! Quintero did not miss the penalty and made it 4-0

05/24/2024, 20:34

31′ ST | Penalty for Racing after an infringement on Urzi!

05/24/2024, 20:31

27′ ST | Another change in Racing

  • Enter Juanfer Quintero
  • Maxi Salas retires
05/24/2024, 20:26

22′ ST | Costas makes a double change

  • Enter Roger Martínez and Bruno Zuculini.
  • Maravilla Martínez and Agustín Almendra leave.
05/24/2024, 20:24

(VIDEO) Salas’ great goal for 3 to 0

Professional League –

Salas made it 3 to 0 for Racing

05/24/2024, 20:21

13′ ST | Seba Domínguez makes two changes

  • Ezequiel Forclaz and Flabian Londoño enter.
  • Blas Armoa and Nicolás Contín retire.
05/24/2024, 20:15

7′ ST | The Academy approaches the fourth

It’s all about Racing: after a good play, Almond He took a good shot that was blocked in the corner. Tigre, for the moment, cannot find an answer.

05/24/2024, 20:09

4′ ST | Golea Racing! Great goal from Salas for 3 to 0

Great clearance from Maravilla for Maximiliano, who eluded the goalkeeper and defined with the free goal.

05/24/2024, 20:07

3′ ST | Maxi Salas and a left foot hit the post!

05/24/2024, 20:04

1′ ST | Racing started the ST with a change

  • Marco Di Cesare came out.
  • Agustín García Basso entered.
05/24/2024, 20:04

The second half has started! Tiger 0 – 2 Racing

05/24/2024, 19:59

(VIDEO) Maravilla Martínez’s great goal for Racing 2-0

Professional League –

Martínez made it 2 to 0 for the Academy

05/24/2024, 19:49

End of the first 45 minutes! Racing beats Tigre 2-0

05/24/2024, 19:48

45+1′ PT | Martínez Wonder Goal! Racing wins 2 to 0

The forward fought, controlled and defined in a half-turn to stretch the Academy’s advantage in the last play of the first half.

05/24/2024, 19:45

45′ PT | 2 more minutes will be played

05/24/2024, 19:44

44′ PT | First cautioned in Racing: Nazareno Colombo

05/24/2024, 19:43

43′ PT | Marchese reprimanded for hitting Martirena

05/24/2024, 19:34

34′ PT | Racing had it 2-0!

Great collective play by the Academy, which ended with a cross from Almendra to Maravilla Martínez, who shot but his shot went just wide.

05/24/2024, 19:28

29′ PT | All Tigre asked for a penalty for a handball by Martirena

Good cross from Ortega for Armoa, who hit with a header but his shot was blocked by the Uruguayan. The referee indicated that his handball was not punishable.

05/24/2024, 19:26

26′ PT | Maroni shook from distance, but his shot went wide

05/24/2024, 19:21

21′ PT | Contín tested Arias from the edge of the area, but the goalkeeper contained it without problems

05/24/2024, 19:19

19′ PT | Gonzalo Maroni admonished, the first of the night

05/24/2024, 19:14

(VIDEO) Martirena’s goal for Racing’s 1-0

Professional League –

Martirena made it 1 to 0 for Racing

05/24/2024, 19:07

7′ PT | Racing goal! Martirena makes it 1-0!

After a good play by the Academy, a short clearance fell to the Uruguayan, that he shook from outside and put it close to the stick.

05/24/2024, 19:05

5′ PT | Good play by Tigre, who had it with the help of Armoa

Good succession of passes from the Matadors, with a play that ended at the feet of Blas, who shot over the crossbar.

05/24/2024, 19:00

The game has started! Tigre and Racing already play in Victoria

05/24/2024, 18:50

The referee shortlist for Tigre vs. racing

  • Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez
  • Assistant referee 1: Juan Pablo Belatti
  • Assistant referee 2: Walter Ferreyra
  • Fourth referee: Cristian Cernadas
  • VAR: Fernando Espinoza
  • AVAR: Miguel Savorani
05/24/2024, 18:35

This is how Tigre comes out to face Racing

Philip Zenobius; Martin OrtegaThomas FernandezKevin LomonacoAngelo Marchese; Martin GarayAgustin CardozoThomas Galvan; Gonzalo Maroni; Blas Armoa and Nicholas Continue. DT: Sebastian Dominguez.

This is how Tigre forms.This is how Tigre forms.
05/24/2024, 18:24

Racing’s confirmed formation against Tigre

Gabriel Arias; Frame Di CesareNazarene ColomboSantiago bland; Gaston martyrenaJuan Ignacio NardoniAgustin AlmondGabriel Red; Agustin Urzi; Maximilian Rooms and Wonder Martinez. DT: Gustavo Coasts.

Racing's formation against Tigre.Racing’s formation against Tigre.
05/24/2024, 18:10

The summary of Racing’s win against Argentinos

racing –

Racing beat Argentinos 3-0

05/24/2024, 17:49

The possible formation of Tigre

Philip Zenobius; Martin OrtegaThomas FernandezKevin LomonacoAngelo Marchese; Martin GarayAgustin CardozoThomas Galvan; Gonzalo Maroni; Blas Armoa and Nicholas Continue. DT: Sebastian Dominguez.

05/24/2024, 17:25

The possible formation of Racing against Tigre

Gabriel Arias; Frame Di CesareAgustin Garcia BassoSantiago bland; Gaston martyrenaBruno ZuculiniAgustin AlmondGabriel Red; Juan fer Quintero; Roger Martinez and Wonder Martinez. DT: Gustavo Coasts.

05/24/2024, 16:58

How is Tigre coming?

The team of Sebastian Dominguez It is in the last position of the annual table and, therefore, is in the relegation zone. That is why Matador needs to add as soon as possible, in order to get out of the bottom and be able to maintain the category.

05/24/2024, 16:18

This is how Racing arrives at the duel against Tigre

The Academy seeks to remain in top shape. After a disappointing debut against Belgrano (whom they beat 4-1 but they tied it), Gustavo Costas’ men completely changed their face and In their last two appearances they won by a landslide: it was 3-0 against Coquimbo Unidosfor the South American Cup, like against Argentinesby the Professional League.

05/24/2024, 15:47

Where to watch Tiger vs. Racing?

The match will be broadcast by the signal TNT Sports. You will also be able to follow the minute by minute on the website of Oleas usual.

05/24/2024, 15:14

What time do Tigre vs. play? Racing?

The match will be played on Friday, May 24 at 7:00 p.m. in Argentina at the José Dellagiovanna stadium, home of the Matador.

05/24/2024, 14:40

A great game is coming in the Professional League!

Tiger and racing They will face each other on date 3 of the Professional League. You can follow the game through Ole, with everything that happens minute by minute. Then you will find the analysis, the statements of the protagonists, the summary, the most outstanding news and the videos. Here, all the information to follow the match: what time they play, where to watch live and possible formation of each team.

A great game is coming for date 3.A great game is coming for date 3.
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