The JousFit influencer suffers a cerebral infarction after an operation in Dubai

The JousFit influencer suffers a cerebral infarction after an operation in Dubai
The JousFit influencer suffers a cerebral infarction after an operation in Dubai

Many personalities often undergo aesthetic treatments to preserve or improve their physical appearance. However, some substances can cause adverse effects. This was the case of the Mexican influencer JousFitwho recently suffered a stroke after Botox injection in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The 27-year-old girl had to be treated immediately after fainting when she was with her partner.

Josefina López, the influencer’s first name, wanted to send a message of tranquility from the networks and has recounted what happened on May 21 with the support of Óscar, her boyfriend: “I feel better now, it was horrible“, she explained on her Instagram account (@jousfit) after the episode of syncope. The young woman claims that she did not stop crying because of fear and fright.

The influencer collapsed in an elevator when she was with her partner

As explained by Óscar Infante, JousFit’s partner and fitness trainer, the young woman was with him in a elevator when she told him: “I feel dizzy”. A few minutes later, she insisted on the discomfort and generated the alert: “He told me: ‘My life is getting clouded, I’m going to faint.'”

The influencer He fell to the ground and began to convulse.. Then, her partner called a doctor: “I got upset and He told me very calmly that ‘it’s the pressure’“. Josefina could not breathe, her eyes “were blank”, her “nails were black” and her mouth was “transparent”. After this, she was hospitalized and her evolution was favorable. Now she has been able to recover from the shock.

The influencer JousFit was hospitalized: what happened to her?RRSS

JousFit has more than three million followers on Instagram alone

JousFit, originally from Leónin Guanajuato (Mexico), jumped to the fame on social networks thanks to his dedication to crossfit and fitness life. He usually recommends proteins and organizes challenges to lose weight, in addition to giving advice for functional training in the gym.

The young woman helps numerous people work on various areas of the body thanks to her videos and advice. Now, your more than three million Instagram followers They were surprised by the news and hope that Josefina recovers as soon as possible.

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