In the midst of the crisis, the Government began to restrict gas to industries

In the midst of the crisis, the Government began to restrict gas to industries
In the midst of the crisis, the Government began to restrict gas to industries

The Government is already moving forward in some parts of the country with natural gas cuts to some industries in order to avoid supply problems. The situation is serious since industrial production is not as strong as other years due to the recession. Although there are no companies affected in Salta yet, it is not ruled out that as the days go by they will be included in the restrictions.

Given the complex situation, Cammesa, the company in charge of energy dispatch, urgently put out to tender the purchase of 12 shipments of fuel oil and diesel to address the increase in gas consumption.

The arrival of the cold in the central area of ​​the country took the Ministry of Energy by surprise, which had scheduled the arrival of low temperatures only for the first week of June.

The “priority demand” (homes and businesses) is already on track to use almost 80 million cubic meters (m3) per day, when in May it usually demands 45 million. Industries with high demand for gas, such as lumber, ceramics and plastics, will suffer cuts.

The lack of gas already began to affect Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) service stations with interruptible contracts last week.

In the sector they explain that if the gas was not cut off to these users due to a lack of product and a drop in the pressure of the gas pipelines, electricity cuts that use gas as an input would have to begin.

The emergency scenario was caused by much lower temperatures than expected for this time of year. In Córdoba, an undetermined number of industries began to receive orders yesterday to interrupt the consumption of natural gas for their processes. This was confirmed by a director of the Industrial Union of Córdoba (UIC), pointing out that the entity has already registered several cases of gas outages due to lack of fluid in the system.

In radio statements, the former undersecretary of energy planning and director of the Encuentro Foundation, Cecilia Garibotti, expressed: “We are facing an emergency situation, even the government itself declared it. Added to the fact that the industry used only 55% of its capacity activity installed, the government is now cutting off their gas supply. In addition, she remarked: “This measure requires increasing the sacrifice of the middle class with more expensive rates and, on top of that, possible cuts in the winter.”

“Last year we ensured with the Kirchner Gasduct that our country can be supplied with local gas thanks to the decision of Minister Sergio Massa. This achievement had to be complemented with compressor plants and with the reversal of the Northern Gasduct, but all these works were stopped the current government,” he said.

CNG service, normal in Salta

“In Salta there are no stations with interruptible contracts,” reported Manuel Pérez, president of Ceseca Chamber of Service Stations, Fuel Dispensers and Related Services of Salta. According to Pérez, those whose supply is cut off in critical energy stages are those who have interruptible contracts. “That is to say, the supplier can interrupt and they are the ones who have the cheapest gas. And if it is uninterruptible, they cannot cut it off, and in turn they are the ones who have the most expensive gas cost,” he explained.

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